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Since first publishing the following question and ensuing conversation on March 29th ( it is now April 4th ) events have moved quickly. With investigative reporter Mike Cernovich and his expose' of #SusanRice, a bright window has opened into Obama's staff and their incredibly audacious, highly illegal political use of our national security and intelligence apparatus in the surveillance and " unmasking " of President Trump, his family and his political team.

The entire false #RussianNarrative has blown up, much to the chagrin of former President Obama and would be President Hillary Clinton and their loyalists.

Given the the seriousness of the crimes against the American people it is obvious some Democrat top dogs are going to end up in federal prison.

Can you hear the pounding of feet as they run for cover?

The answer to our original question appears to be a resounding YES.


After being surprised and spooked by #Trump's winning #ElectionResults it appears the entire #Soros / #Obama / #Hillary cartel was mobilized and working overtime to leverage a faux ( or hugely overblown ) #RussianNarrative.

Every major country, their diplomatic and espionage teams have historically had interplay in every aspect of domestic and foreign policy.

Some of this back and forth is illegal, but tolerated as part of a worldwide gaming for power and prestige.....

However, there are both overt and covert protocols as to what goes beyond the pale.....

History shows U.S. has reached Uncle Sam's long arm into foreign elections at least 81 times.

Foreign nations do work to influence American elections and actions of elected officials, often through American based international corporations and lobbying firms who can contribute cash to Political Action Committees. Arab, Chinese, European Union many other international regional and national entities " launder " their involvement this way. Then, of course there are cash receiving devices, a plethora of Non Governmental Organizations set up as international business or non profits....In example the globalist Soros groups, the #ClintonFoundation, the #ClintonGlobalInitiative, the #PodestaGroup and the like.

( Iranian funds flowed through a Washington lobbying firm to forward the contentious #IranDeal pushed through by Barack Obama. #ALFranken, one of our #Minnesota Democrats was recipient of a portion of those funds and promoted the deal. )

#BarackObama's winning the Presidency in 2008 and again in 2012 was not without help from his Globalist alliances. One highly questioned action was Germany's Leftists arranging a speech for #Obama in #Berlin during his first campaign...with all the attendant investment in travel, security, site selection and related international publicity to establish him as a player on the world stage.

The Internationalists, Globalists, whatever you want to call them have felt invincible in recent years.

Trump's victory has knocked the Democrat ( and the Globalist ) world out of kilter.....and they are furious, looking for scapegoats.

In so doing, they themselves may have violated protocols and gotten tangled in FISA Act law which is not only designed to assist the U.S. in rooting out foreign espionage, but also contains strict provisions to protect private citizens.

Signs are that government agencies and resources were used to track and " wiretap " ( old term for electronic surveillance ) Trump and his team during the 2016 campaign and following the election....illegal in and of itself....and then " unmask " team members to the media....again illegal.

After the #FBI was refused access to the Democrat National Committee servers when they were hacked and all the dirty linen on the " fixing " of the Democrat Primary which killed #BernieSanders campaign was exposed , an IT firm called #CrowdStrike, said to be connected to #HillaryClinton was hired by the DNC to " find " the perpetrators....they claimed it was the Russians,,,,,and our #FBI officials bought that story, hook, line and sinker.

The CrowdStrike report was a key factor in setting up the current Congressional Committee hearings on Russian interference in American elections.

However, recent public reports and public statements and retractions by CrowdStrike have called into question their competence and the accuracy of their reports.

The saga continues, and to date the only criminal activity publicly obvious may be on the heads of the accusers.

As this old man sees the bottom line.... IF a Commission is created to investigate beyond initial findings of the Intelligence Committee....I think its efforts and its conclusions would be worthless were the focus to be only on the Russians.

The scope of the Commission's work should b to ferret out and measure ANY untoward Global influence in our elections AND/OR on our elected representatives.....and, in the lead up to that, the Intelligence Committee's work NOW is really not credible unless obvious smoking guns like the massive flow of funds ( particularly Arab ) to and through the Clinton Foundation. the Podesta Group ( remember Uranium One, Hillary and #BillClinton's Russia connection ) and to and through the Soros NGOs.

Looking at just one election cycle is a pitifully weak review. Look back is important to establishing comparatives and precedent and the effectiveness of existing applicable law.

I would suggest at least a 30 year look back.

Incidental to looking at foreign influences, we need to also take a hard look at our own involvement in in other nations politics....whether, over time, the activities have helped or hindered our own citizens, how the " interventions " have affected our own development and security and how it helped or hindered the development and citizenry of any " target " country.

As far as meddling in the 2016 election is concerned, the preponderance of evidence seems to point up massive DOMESTIC, rather than the usual nominal foreign interference, with Obama's lame duck ( both elected and appointed ) administration loyalists using the full force and effect of our government intelligence, security and defense agencies to spy on, unmask and interfere with Donald Trump and his team....beginning their illicit efforts well before Trump's nomination and continuing well after the election and swearing in of a new President.....even to the present day.... as they obfuscate and attempt to confuse, misdirect, minimize and delay the truth and the consequences in the Intelligence Committee hearings.

Then, too, there is the ( not so small ) matter of similar action likely having been taken by Hillary Clinton, her cohorts and the Obama administration to derail #BernieSanders in the Democrat Primaries.

What a crew!

If any of this is proven true, the sheer weight of charges and penalties hanging over the perpetrators is mind boggling.

It's no wonder they are desperate and running scared.

Their cloak of " plausible deniability " is fast unraveling.




30 SECONDS VS 30 YEARS by Merrill Anderson

A lot of noise is following the release of a 10 year old 30 second recording of locker room language by Donald Trump, which, unknown to him, was taped in a private setting.

I fully agree that the words and his observation that you can do anything in the entertainment business are demeaning to women and not appropriate to the office of the President of the United States.

Donald Trump has publicly apologized.

His Mea Culpa may not have been worded in a way that satisfies all his critics but when he says his quest for the Presidency and his involvement during the campaign with the American People has changed him, I think he is sincere.

When he says it will never happen again, I believe him.

Ten years ago, when this occurred, he was not a candidate for President. He has made no such comments during his campaign.

The opposing camp is already, even with the apology, having their social media and major "news" echo chambers "work" the issue.....not to benefit women generally, as much as to benefit Hillary Clinton and her "first man" Bill Clinton.

As we all remember,, Bill Clinton had his own problems in re respecting women....beginning in Arkansas and straight through his days AS a President.....he took his disrespect for women and the sanctity of marriage right into the Oval Office. Literally and physically Over the years, Hillary, has covered for and protected him, been his enabler.

I'm no certain 30 seconds of potty mouth equals 30 years of actually acting on those kind of notions. Both are wrong, but the latter seems to weigh a little heavier on the scale of justice and fair play. The furor over Trumps remarks, by notables on both the right and the left.....seems, by comparison, a bit.....overblown.

Americans have kept Bill Clintons indiscretions on the shelf (except for his impeachment) for 30 years. Perhaps we should park Donald Trumps there, too.....and get on with the debate and the election. Personally, I have had enough of the staged diversions.

There are many important, even dangerous, issues facing us.....ISIS, Jobs, Immigration, Open Borders, Refugees, National Security. Safe Streets......

One important domestic issue is giving women a chance to rise above the glass ceiling.

#DonaldTrlump hired and assigned the first woman to supervise the building of a skyscraper. She not only broke the glass ceiling, but she rose high above the skyline of New York.



After a few years of my posting criticisms of #HillaryClinton, her #geopolitical escapades and domestic #scandals, you may have gathered I am not especially fond of her, or of the prospect that she might further damage America from her perch in the Oval Office, should she become #POTUS.

I'm endorsing #DonaldTrump just as the eve of #9/11 brings thoughts of #Hillary's ties with the Saudis, who had deep connections with those who took the Towers down

A good 20% of Democrat Presidential Campaign funds for Hillary have come from the Saudis. That gives them a degree of control over American affairs I find intolerable.


The party which endorsed me for Governor in 2014, with a platform I like, the young and growing Veterans Party Of Minnesota, has not shown enough strength to be effective against Hillary in this election. They didn't collect the signatures necessary to get their man, Chris Keniston on the Minnesota ballot.

My heart is with the Veterans, but Hillary is so extremely dangerous to the nation that my endorsement and my recommendation to any followers I might have must necessarily go to a campaign with a fighting chance of actually winning.


I believe Trump to be a good American at heart and he has shown true concern for the people.....He has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to absorb and quickly apply political niceties ....Marking a very effective learning curve since stepping forward as a candidate.

Of course, one would expect that from someone who has built and maintained a large, independent business empire. That, in itself, teaches you a great deal about governing and negotiating.

He has also demonstrated his understanding of the need for a well equipped, well trained and motivated ready defense force and further, has genuine empathy for the plight our veterans.

I particularly like his aggressiveness in his developing dialogue with the residents of inner city areas.....the only people capable of solving their own core city problems....

His best recommendation is the fear he inspires in the old guard elite who've gotten us into our current geopolitical and domestic messes with their goofy attachment to globalist causes at American expense.

We have news today that Mexico is housing, guiding and assisting #Somali #Refugees who didn't qualify ( because they have #terrorist leanings or history, do you think? ) for the regular refugee program.....AND helping them cross over illegally into the United States.

WAY past time to build a barrier on that broken border!

Join me in advocating and voting for the election of the Trump ticket.



‪#‎Trump‬ remarks on ‪#‎Minnesota‬ ‪#‎Refugee‬ settlement spotlight genuine community concerns which local mass media have largely ignored, apparently based on the strange notion that if they don't put it into print or into their news stream that it will all go away.

When such concerns do get into the media, the Muslim Brotherhood's " Quick Reaction Team " CAIR is there to tamp things down and make sure that their version of a day, a week, or a months events overpowers any other presentation.....any other viewpoint.

It has not been helpful that Minnesota is shown by FBI statostocs tp be the United States most active recruiting ground for overseas terrorist activity.

When opinions counter to the Obama administration plans for refugees surfaced at a Saint Cloud public meeting, the Governor of Minnesota told citizens that if they didn't like it they could leave the state. Not a good idea. The insult has festered in the public mind and has translated to deeper anti immigrant/refugee feeling....clouding the discourse.

Politicians who have been courting the refugee vote are highly experienced at creating straw men for minorities in the inner cities they control in order to redirect their anger for 50 years of failure at improving education, jobs and housing.....and are now raising those same straw men to misdirect the refugees.

Consequently, since refugees are being " plugged into " the same tired entitlement system which is failing's not surprising that the refugee community has extreme high unemployment and welfare ratios.

It's a credit to the intelligence and vitality of the refugee community that they are making progress as they have been taken captive by a system which is designed and proven to hold people in dependency. ( Lyndon Johnson - I'll have these xxxxxxs voting Democrat for the next 200 years )

There is not much that is " racist " in basic concerns about the cost of unfettered illegal immigrant/refugee capture and support mechanisms.

We were marginally overloaded already in terms of government expenditures and availability of services prior recent immigration and refugee surges. With the increases, housing, employment, education, welfare, food stamps and medical services are well stretched.....perhaps beyond our future ability to pay. ( The proponents of yet more increases in refugee settlement deny this, but they don't worry about the national and state and municipal debt in the same way that individual taxpayers do. )

No one has done a neutral, rational comprehensive cost benefit study to find out whether additional immigration and refugee surges are of true benefit to the receiving communities and/or the incoming settlers.

No one in government seems to be able to give a definitive accounting of what the costs are to maintain our current immigrant/refugee population until they assimilate and initiate self support.

In prior decades, people who wished to immigrate were required to prove, before they passed the gates to enter the country.....that they would not be a burden. They were required to have a sponsor to guarantee exactly that.

The new social experiment of attracting new settlement by
offering " entitlements " has yet to prove its value.

Unless you consider a gain in votes for a particular political party a kind of dividend.

Temporarily halting the level of incoming till we figure things out a little better might just make some sense.

Accelerating the numbers given the current concerns, is just plain silly.

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Democrats are schizoid in attacking Donald Trump for wanting to improve vetting of refugees and actually follow immigration law to keep out of our country the very brand of ‪#‎IslamicTerrorism‬ which killed a Muslim American while he was serving as an Army Captain under the American flag.

You would think this hero's family would applaud the sentiment, if not the specific practices Trump projected to keep the country secure.

But the mans parents, Mr. and Mrs. ‪#‎Khan‬, stood on stage at the Democrat National Convention, where Mr. Khan, a practicing attorney, used his courtroom skills in an attempt to indict Mr. Trump in the court of public opinion.

It was an artful presentation. The man used the sad death of his son to play on American empathy for our war heroes, and gain sympathy for he and his grieving wife. ( The captain died in 2004 ).
......and he invoked the flag, love of country and the American drive home the notion that somehow, Donald Trump was depriving refugees and immigrants of their rights by advocating border security and reasonable threat analysis for those wanting to immigrate or visit.

The mass media ( which appears to have some bias against Mr Trump ) cranked up their echo chamber and gave the Khan diatribe an astonishing fifty times the coverage than they did the speech of a grieving ‪#‎Benghazi‬ mother at the Republican Convention.

But, in his well calculated convention speech, Mr. Khan was also successful at elevating himself in the national spotlight as an overnight celebrity.

People wanted to know more about him

Interesting background began to emerge.

It appears his speech was not totally motivated by grief for his sons death 13 years ago.

AHA Moment # 1

Mr. Khan and his law firm are active in immigration law, with an income stream flowing from ‪#‎EB5‬ Visa applications. Rumor has it that law firms handling such applications average about $50,000 per applicant.

The EB5 program allows for granting of residency in the United States based on fresh cash investments. It is widely thought to be corrupt, and there are serious concerns about whether the beneficiaries are properly vetted.

Probably sensing he was getting more attention than was good for him, Lawyer Khan has deleted a website promoting his immigration practice.

It would be interesting to see WHO Mr. Khan has brought into the country and what they are doing here, and whether their activity corresponds with the legislative intent of EB5.

AHA Moment # 2

Mr. Khan and his family are long time donors to the Democrat Party and personal friends of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Outward appearances suggest they are part of an elite inner circle, with easy access to the White House.

Is there any chance Mr. Khan, in these close relationships, has had influence on the decision makers who manage the very refugee and immigration programs Trump now wants to change?

AHA Moment #3

Mr. Khan is not only a good speaker, but a good writer. As such, he has written treatises in which he expounds that Sharia Law is paramount over all laws and all legal systems.

Sharia law is also what ‪#‎IslamicTerrorists‬ use to justify their actions, incuding the very bombing which killed the hero son of Mr. and Mrs. Khan.




As certain factions work to raise tensions on Minneapolis, it sharpens my memory of similar agitation in the 1960s..

Having run for office recently, anything I say will be seen through a political filter.....and no politician has the highest credibility currently. But let's try this anyway.

I was on the streets of Minneapolis with Minneapolis' South Side political, church and non profit leadership who were very effective collaborators during a period of social unrest in the 1960s, working as a team to mediate differences as crowds faced off in the (then) bustling Nicollet & Lake area.

Sadly, North Minneapolis hadn't yet developed that kind of network and agitators were able to spark off what are remembered as the Plymouth Avenue riots.

My sense is that the conflagration slowed, rather than encouraged progress. Even with several decades to heal, that area of the city has never regained the urban economic stability and neighborhood vitality it had before the social and physical damage done with that disturbance. On the South Side we were able to avoid serious violence and property damage, but only because the community knew how to come together.

Then, as now, there were plenty of agitators with over arching agendas who were fanning the flames and wanted to ignite street riots. ( Some from Chicago ) The South Siders sent the outsiders away.

I wonder if the North Side community leadership today has the intestinal fortitude to weed out and send away the current crop of outside provocateurs and opportunists so as to protect themselves and their community from the inflammatory tactics which produced the recent destruction in Ferguson and Baltimore.........

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Dylan Wohlenhaus
23 hrs · Edited ·

There still seems to be some debate on whether or not objects were thrown at police during the ‪#‎JamarClark‬ protest Wednesday night in North Minneapolis. One of our photojournalists captured this video last night.

Things were thrown. Police used/sprayed "Chemical Irritant" at some of the protesters. Those are facts.






There were 6 simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris which indicates careful planning, quartermastering of weapons and supplies, setting up a secure communications net, then the final co-ordination and execution to make an explosive political statement designed to cause the entire world to recoil in horror. Once the bombs have burst and the casualties are being counted.....Radical Islamists rely on Leftist apologists to dutifully moderate and dissipate the global response by encouraging all parties to " look to the root of the problem ", try to figure out what we, in the West have done to provoke them. When we do look at the problems, we can certainly find errors in judgment and application of Western statecraft, in our extension of military power, in who we trust and in where we place billions of dollars of foreign aid. ( All completely controlled by the Obama - Hillary - Kerry team for the last seven years. ) When we do look and attempt to point out what might be currently lacking in our relationships in the Middle East, in Africa.....Leftists, Progressives and Liberals want to refer us back to the days and operant errors of George Bush ( and there were some ), as if Obama has not been in power for nearly twice the length of time America took to fight and win World War II. During Bush's tenure, whatever gross errors he may have made and whatever Obama's sins during his reign to date.....the one untouchable subject, the festering wart on the nose of our body politic which we are not supposed to see or that Islam is a political system designed to conquer and control, to be spread by any necessary means inclusive of deception, corruption and violence, with means and motives hidden, all costumed in the mysteries of a religion....a system which has made subversive inroads into our own political system.....THAT deep root is fertilized, watered and protected by some of our own politicians and their fellow travelers.....who show themselves active on this thread attacking what are, in any normal circumstance....very normal reactions from very normal Americans. Perhaps it's time to rub the sleep from our eyes and see the world as it really is, do you think?…/french-tv-slams-conservati…/…



In just a 24-hour period, there were five ‪#‎heroin‬ overdoses in ‪#‎HennepinCounty‬, ‪#‎Minnesota‬.

Heroin use has become more prevalent across the country. The highest rate of increase is among kids.... 12 to 17 years of age. Just last week President Barack ‪#‎Obama‬ announced a nationwide plan to fight heroin use.
The ‪#‎SteveRummlerHopeFoundation‬ is trying to get to the root of the issue and do something about it.

Heroin is a kind of working tool for ‪#‎HumanTrafficking‬. It's to the advantage of those pimping to get the girl, or young boy " hooked :, then instead of working for cash they work for the fix and are easier to control.

A new element in Minnesota over the last few years is the rising activity of Middle Eastern gangs. There is also increasing presence of ‪#‎MxicanGang‬ and ‪#‎MesicanDrugCartel‬ operations in the state due to our insecure borders and unenforced immigration law. Then there are the modern spin offs of the old time crime syndicates.

‪#‎Minneapolis‬ Mayor ‪#‎BetsyHodges‬ and the ‪#‎MinneapolisCityCouncil‬ need to wise up and get out of the business of being a

Minnesota ( like Sweden ) has been a destination of choice for illegal immigrants and refugees alike because of our strong welfare system. ( A fair percentage of our incoming are " economic refugees ". We may be reaching a saturation point where local and state budgets cannot keep up with the increasing demand for housing, welfare, food stamps, food shelves, social security benefits personal and family counseling, medical care plus necessary education and job creation.. So far, we have been doing a pretty fair job, but our systems are showing strain. We're showing early symptoms of much more serious problems to come ( a la Detroit? ).

It might be time to slow down the migratory influx, while we find ways to deal with what's already on our plate.

There also needs to be be a review and reconsideration of #Obama's prison amnesty plan, early releases for inmates on drug related offenses.. It just might be that some are going back to their old ways.

Then, as the ‪#‎FBI‬ Director said last week we are fighting the ‪#‎FergusonEffect‬, the fallout from the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ movement, which may be making local ‪#‎police‬ less active in pursuing proven policies in favor of more cautious " politically correct " policing methods to avoid constant criticism from government allied pressure groups. Minneapolis is one of a number of cities which was designated by then AG Eric Holder part a special programming intersecting with federal Department of Justice initiatives on community policing. That continues under new AG appointee Loretta Lynch.

In my opinion, the best solutions are planned, enacted and maintained at the local level. Were the federal government meeting its responsibilities on immigration and drug interdiction under current law.... It's possible we wouldn't have an epidemic of heroin ( and other ) drug use today.

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Merrill Anderson for Governor of Minnesota According to the #CDC, there has been a steady increase in #heroin use, #addiction, and related deaths, with the biggest increase of users being found in young individuals between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. #teendrugaddiction



An ‪#‎AP‬ ‪#‎FactCheck‬ Shows ‪#‎Hillary‬ flat out lied at the ‪#‎Benghazi‬ Hearing. Her obfuscation shows her up as just another Obama appointee reaching the height of her incompetency, as a failed administrator, not at all " Presidential ".....just another lackadaisical cabinet member, who, like others in the administration, could not, or would not, follow security protocols in re classified information. ( ‪#‎emailgate‬ )

As I watched the hearing, I found the Select Committee had documents proving Hillary told Egyptian authorities ( and her daughter ) shortly after the assassination of Ambassador ‪#‎ChrisStevens‬ that she knew the murderous attack killing four Americans was by a terrorist faction. Yet, ( apparently to maintain the fiction that things were going well in the mid east prior to ‪#‎Obama‬'s 2012 election ) she perpetrated and then maintained for weeks the false narrative that the massacre was mob violence in reaction to a You Tube video. As evidence was presented in the hearing she was " adjusting " her responses.

Leading up to this shameful abandonment of our people in Benghazi, where we were unprepared and " unable " to send help, even as U.S. officials gathered in the White House watched a live feed from the diplomatic compound as the destruction unfolded, there had been over 600 written communications from Benghazi to the State Department in re security problems in Libya. Hillary emphatically said she never saw ANY of them. Unbelievable.

In the hearing, Hillary admitted she broke U.S. ‪#‎NationalSecurity‬ Law, under questioning by Rep. Susan Brooks....., " Clinton admitted that she had not signed a waiver for security arrangements on the site, as required by the Secure Embassy Construction and Counterterrorism Act of 1999 (SECCA), 22 USC § 4865 2(B)(ii). "

Under the " leadership " of Obama and Hillary's " statecraft " the Middle East is in the greatest turmoil I can remember in my 78 years. Our friends have been abandoned and our enemies courted. Conditions on the ground are so bad that the population is fleeing the region by the millions....putting ( not unintended, I think ) pressure on European countries which were stable pre-Obama, pre-Hillary.

Why in the pluperfect hell would we, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent or " Other ", want this woman as President? ‪#‎PJNET‬

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Congressional investigations, by definition, are about finding facts. But some facts were twisted Thursday in a showdown between Hillary Rodham Clinton and her……




Merrill Anderson for Governor of Minnesota via Merrill Anderson for Minnesota 



‪#‎BetsyHodges‬ , Maayor of Minneapolis joined 17 other ‪#‎Democrat‬ Mayors urging ‪#‎Obama‬ to bring in significantly more ‪#‎SyrianRefugees‬ than originally planned.

Immigration and resettling refugees has become a big business. ( though structured through non-profits operating under goveernment grants ) and as such, has actually created a very effective self serving immigration/refugee lobby, something which didn't exist during the historic and more " normal " flow of new citizens..

When I, along with several others, ran against Betsy in 2013, one of my concerns was the strain our Welcome Wagon approach to immigration and acting as a virtual sanctuary city was putting on Minneapolis' city budget, the Hennepin County Welfare budget, the infrastructure and the housing stock. Federal programs such as Social Security, Social Security Disability and Secrion 8 also become part of the equation.....along with large grants to ressetlement agencies..

Local and national security was also an issue vis a vis the radicalized recruits who are communting from Minneapolis and Saint Paul to hook up with the likes of Al Qaeda, ISIS and other ‪#‎terror‬ groups. ( The FBI has stated there is no way to vet the Syrian refugees.)

With our " Minnesota Nice " working at full throttle, we have been in the top 20%of refugee hosts for decades, taking in numbers much larger than other regiouns in comparison with existing population.

Were I Mayor, given problems we are already facing with lack of employment and crime problems in the cores of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, I would have taken an " refugee vacation " and told Mr. Obama to take us off his 190 city list, at least for this round. We should resolve the problems and seize the opportunities already here before we drown under a new wave

I believe Minnesota has done more than its fair share. Time to turn down the spigots for a while.....

What do you think?

Find Continuing Facebook Discussion on Minneapolis' request to Obama Administration to sharply increase planned numbers of Syrian Refugees...Click Here....



Merrill Anderson Responds.....

This was my response to Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison's complaint re Dr. Carson's remarks......

A MESSAGE TO Dr. Ben Carson., Donald J. Trump , Senator Ted Cruz , Carly Fiorina & Keith Ellison

Keith llison is absolutely right. ‪#‎FreedomofReligion‬ IS a Founding Principle of our nation. It is a vital birthright given by God and held close to their hearts by most Americans, available to this country, enshrined in our ‪#‎Constitution‬. The problem is that it is not a founding principle of ‪#‎Islam‬. Islam has no tolerance for other religions, regarding their practitioners as ‪#‎Infidels‬. In countries where Islam is the mainstream religion, those of other faiths are found in second class citizenship, and their human rights are proscribed, or worse, they are persecuted to the point of exile or death Established 80 years ago, growing out of ‪#‎Egypt‬, the secretive ‪#‎MuslimBrotherhood‬ has operated as a hardline organization dedicated to establishing an ‪#‎Islamic‬ ‪#‎Caliphate‬ worldwide. In it's history it is credited with the assassination of more than one Head of State. It is currently considered a ‪#‎terror‬ organization in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Interestingly, Egyptian Courts have accepted indictments against ‪#‎BarackObama‬ and ‪#‎HillaryClinton‬ for consorting with the Muslim Brotherhood in the execution of the ‪#‎ArabSpring‬ and the subsequent installation of the Brotherhood's repressive ‪#‎Morsy‬ regime to power. The Egyptian Courts currently have Morsy, who the military has deposed from office, under death sentence for crimes against the people...who, because of the harshness and corruption of his regime, petitioned for his removal in numbers larger than got him elected. Mr. Ellison has had and continues to have very close ties with the international Muslim Brotherhood branch in this country. Mr. Morsy in Egypt ruled in a way satisfactory to the Brotherhood but not according to the wishes of the majority, so he was removed. He gave himself more to the control of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and its international power than he gave credence to the Egyptian Constitution. From observation ( I'm almost as old as the Muslim Brotherhood ) over my lifetime I question whether someone could be a good practicing Muslim and President of a country which historically gives full freedom of practice to all religions.....without tilting in favor of Islam, both regarding internal affairs of the states and the nation and international relations. Islam has proven itself, over 1400 years, to be a double edged sword of conquest. Some claim it is a system of war, domination and colonialism masked as a religion....One side of the blade claims penance for those who do not give up all faiths except that of the prophet, and the other side of the blade claims absolute rule over all aspects of life, governance according to Shariah Law in any province where Muslims abide. And there we have another problem. ‪#‎ShariaLaw‬ does not, as claimed by an ‪#‎Obama‬ Muslim Brotherhood appointee to the Department of Homeland Security, find itself compatible with the United States Constitution. On the contrary, there are grave differences....the dissonance is striking. If, Keith Ellison, a good practicing Muslim, and like #Obama, good friend to the Brotherhood....even though he may represent his District in ‪#‎Minneapolis‬ well, were to reach for the Presidency, I would vote against him. My concern would be that, like Morsy in Egypt, his allegiance as aa Muslim President would go first to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, that it would outweigh his allegiance to the Constitution and the wishes of the American people would come in a poor second, should he be elected.

This wass the posting from Congressman Ellison I responded to:

A message to Dr. Ben Carson and Donald J. Trump:

The freedom of religion is a founding principle of our nation. Our Constitution gives this right to all Americans - including elected officials. For Ben Carson, Donald Trump, or any other Republican politician to suggest that someone of any faith is unfit for office is out of touch with who we are as a people. It’s unimaginable that the leading GOP presidential candidates are resorting to fear mongering to benefit their campaigns, and every American should be disturbed that these national figures are engaging in and tolerating blatant acts of religious bigotry.

"We ask Mr. Ben Carson to withdraw from the presidential race."!/AndersonforGov.MN/posts/521893494653596?notif_t=like



Merrill Anderson for Minnesota via Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham  

I think Congress had better listen. Yesterday a group of nearly 200 retired generals and admirals from all branches of the military sent a letter to lawmakers urging them to reject the Iran nuclear agreement. They made it clear that this threatens national security—and these men know! Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, who was vice commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, said he considers the agreement the most dangerous nuclear accord in U.S. history. He said, “the number one leading radical Islamic group in the world is the Iranians. They are purveyors of radical Islam throughout the region and throughout the world. And we are going to enable them to get nuclear weapons. Why would we do that?” That’s a great question, President Obama and Congress—Why would we do that? The vote will be taken by September 17. Let’s pray that Congress will have the wisdom to stand up and vote against this dangerous proposal. If you’re as concerned as I am, let your representative in Congress know today that they should vote no to the Iran nuclear deal.

The letter by 195 former top military officers follows one last week that supported the nuclear agreement.





When running for #Governor of #Minnesota, I said an      " Army of Forensic Auditors " would work a change in our national ‪#‎political‬ landscape.

Check this ‪#‎ClintonFoundation‬ news!

The Clinton Foundation get caught not reporting about 2 million dollars in donations from Russian connected interests while Hillary was Secretary of State, and while a federal committee, whose membership included virtually all the Obama Cabinet Secretarys ( including Hillary )....was considering a sale of a significant portion of American uranium mining capacity to Russian firms...a deal which ultimately gave the Russian Government itself control over a strategic percentage of that U.S. resource.

‪#‎Uranium‬ is a strategic material, control of which is vital to our ‪#‎nationalsecurity‬ The implications of these till now unreported transactions are enormous. We need to take a long hard look at the buy off of American companies, land and mineral resources by foreign interests. It's time to put the brakes on the internationalist criminal cabal which has infected more so the Democrats, but also the Republican Party.

Vet the candidates carefully for the next elections, people, and for the sake of any decent life going forward in America, let's get some honest people in office.,,,for a real change. Let's start to prosecute this crap, use the RICO Act and other like tools at hand. Let's throw the gangsters out! 

What's your idea of how we stop this crooked side show?

  To join this ongoing discussion, click here to go to our Facebook Discussion Page:!/MerrillAndersonforMayorofMinneapolis/posts/752823204837143 











Minneapolis native, Our youngest Anderson brother, Navy Veteran and Veteran Real Estate Agent, Phillip T. Anderson,The 6th of 7 children born to Paul H. Anderson and Merrilla Ina Anderson, shipped out to his heavenly port Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 from a hospice near his home in Phoenix, Arizona, attended by his loving wife Mollie Anderson. 

In a brave fight to stay with us as long as he could,  Phillip engaged in an extended,and painful battle with lung cancer due to mesolthelioma caused by shipboard exposure to asbestos during his Navy cruises.

When he joined the Navy at 17, Phillip had to have Mom and Dad sign an age waiver for his military enlistment  He took real pride in his assignment as a machinist, enjoying the challenge of working with his shipmates to keep their engine room in in top condition.  Now we know, looking back, that he was mortally wounded by the very air he breathed as he labored for our country.

When he left service, the boiler room experience gained him a stationary engineers license, which led him into property management and real estate in Minneapolis. He also established a second hand furniture, hard goods sales and high end consignment operation on Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis, an enterprise which stayed in the family and continued to flourish on East 42nd Street under the ownership of brother Marvin Anderson as Consignment Center. 

Phillip's growing real estate acumen and interests led him to Phoenix decades ago, where he assumed a people helping community building role as a Realtor, and was a mover and shaker in both the ressidential and commercial markets.

While in the Navy and building his civilian career Phillip found an active social life, including  a series of romances and marriages....all of which were properly
registered and released by the numbers....and seemed to leave all parties friends as each next partnership formed. 

( One of his social tools in the late 60's. and I think his favorite car ever, was his brand new 69 Dodge Charger.  Can you say babe magnet?   All we brothers and our friends were secretly envious.)

There was a shoreline romance and marriage when he was just a kid in service, not lasting much past the Navy remittance checks.  There were a pair of Kathys.  Finally, Mollie, with whom Phillip found his longest and forever soul connection, business partner and home life.

Kathy Tverberg held special esteem among the exes as mother to Phillip's beloved daughter, Dawn Roberson and grandmother to Kaylee Roberson, the bright. engaging and inquisitive little girl who reigned supreme in Grandpa's heart.

Last fall, my wife Corrine, our daughter Becky and I had the joy of spending a few days at a cabin on Gull Lake, Minnesota with Phillip and Mollie, Dawn's husband Jeremiah, Dawn and Kaylee.  It was a great time, good conversation and the rekindling of memories....a bittersweet time, as Phillip was in between cancer treatments and we all knew how dangerous the adversary.

For decades, Phillip and Mollie had been trying to get Corrine and I to Phoenix for an extended visit and we finally had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago, with Becky here to watch things at home. 

Phillip and I had some long conversations, made difficult by his having to whisper and write notes on that last visit....but he wanted be to let his daughter Dawn, granddaughter Kaylee, wife Mollie, their loved ones, his brothers and sisters,  nephews and nieces, everyone, know how deeply grateful he was for their love and their place in his life.  We talked in particular about how important and supportive Corrine, Mollie and Marvin's wife, Nona were to we three old geezer brothers in our twilight years and how lucky we all were to be blessed with that kind of love and loyalty.  

He also introuduced us to the menagerie of wildlife who entertained him as he would sit on the backyard patio....A great owl, which would hoot as it woke for the night, flying up to a neighboring chimney at dusk from a palm tree in their yard....a little army of quail which would daily march 8 or 10 in cadence time along a retaining wall on their way to some berry bushes....a mocking bird making concert from the peak of the house imitating his whistles....a giant jackrabbit which hopped through on a regular schedule ....pesky woodpeckers drilling holes in 100 year old cactus....

.....and, he was still telling jokes...

If was hard to come back to Minnesota and leave Phillip and Mollie alone to do battle with the enemy.  Phillip was showing signs of the end stages, which included occasional dizziness and a good deal of pain.  Nevertheless, he insisted on riding with us to the airport for our final hugs.

His last words to me were " Give my love and greet everybody for me, See You Later.  We have some fishing to do.  "

So, as ordered, from Phillip, our baby brother:  Love and Greetings to all.

See you upstairs, Phillip....Make sure the fishing tackle is ready...























#‎Obama‬'s '08 & '12 ‪#‎elections‬ hinged on his being able to convince voters he would uphold the Constitution and follow the rule of ‪#‎law‬ re ‪#‎immigration‬. Had he revealed his true intentions and allegiances he would never have become President. Now, in his second and last term, his actions toward creating large scale amnesty stand in direct contradiction to his earlier representations. 

As with ‪#‎ObamaCare‬, he just plain lied to us

Check the video below for the 25 times he told us on the record the Constitution would not allow the action he now intends to take, a plan for executive amnesty which is opposed by 3 out of 4 Americans, and one of the reasons Democrats suffered massive defeat in the mid term elections.‪#‎PJNET‬‪#‎MN‬‪#‎Veterans‬‪#‎Minnesota‬
Veterans' Party of AmericaVeterans Party Of MinnesotaConservative Veterans for America



President Barack Obama will announce what appears to be the most sweeping executive action on immigration in American history.
i have continued in the Governor’s race as a write-in candidate in order to maintain a small stage from which to broadcast ‪#‎Veterans‬, Minnesotans and my own opinions on national policies which have direct effect on the health, welfare and pocketbooks of all ‪#‎Minnesota‬ families and individuals. We are hopeful our modest voice has encouraged some incumbents and future representatives of the people to look at things political with eyes and minds more in tune with the peoples interests and wishes. The reason we are in this race at all, both myself and the members of the Veterans Party of America and the Veterans Party of Minnesota is that we have seen a disturbing trend at both the national and state level toward a denial of the American birthright to individual liberties and a precipitous slide of government toward a centralized command and control reminiscent of changes which occurred during the creation of national socialism and communism.  Mark Dayton as Governor, Al Franken as Senator and Rick Nolan as ith District Congressman are strong examples of ‪#‎Democrats‬ who are not only allowing these toxic changes with no questions or objections offered in behalf ot their constituents, but who consistently toe the party line, following the music as it is scored in Washington. Their dance to the federal tune has been deleterious to the past, present and future of every soul in America, let alone in our sovereign state. The critical factor is whether we can afford another Obama controlled Dayton, Franken, Nolan term of office. We cannot. One example: We have just found that the ‪#‎Obama‬ Veterans Administration knew of fraudulent recordkeeping to hide patient delays at the ‪#‎Phoenix‬ VA Hospital at the inception of the Obama Presidency. The report was kept secret through his entire first term and into his second when a cluster of veterans deaths opened up the current VA investigations and ( weak ) efforts at reform within the agency.  Our own Minneapolis VA Hospital is not without blemish.  Additionally we have the litany of scandals….IRS targeting, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Border Security, Illegal Immigration ( with the tacit encouragement of the bureaucracies designed to manage the problem ), Labor Participation Rates the lowest in decades, ‪#‎EPA‬ delays on pipelines, directly impacting Minnesota mining and farming and endangering uran areas with the pass through of over length tankar trains, the EPA surface water regulations which are a problem for agriculture and county land administrators....the war on coal affecting Minnesota power plants…raising our energy costs….the list is endless….and is the result of trying to overlay central planning onto what has traditionally been a relatively healthy free market. Aside from the problem with his basic political orientation, Obama has appointed and loaded federal regulatory and action agencies with political cronies, rather than with people who have the background and skill to be effective in the position…they are there to benefit the leader of a political apparatus and not the people… ( As witness the latest appointment…. of an Ebola Czar with no bacground in medicine, but plenty as a political operative ). The Veterans party which endorsed me and I started this campaign with t he objective of removing Obama acolytes in Minnesota….in partiular the politicians I have mentioned, but also to reduce the power and influence of the DFL Party which has become no more than an arm of the Washington power brokers. We thought that almost any ‪#‎Republican‬ nominee could beat Dayton, given the problems we see today, but it appears Jeff Johnson needs a little help. We can certainly sacrifice our egos to support his election. as the alternative is unthinkable. So…..we are asking anyone who supports us to vote for ‪#‎JeffJohnson‬, Governor….‪#‎MikeMcFadden‬, Senate….‪#‎StewartMills‬, 8th District Congress and for the rest of the ballot…..for Pete’s sake, don’t vote for ANY Democrat.

October 21, 20

Franken and Dayton Get Bonus Points For Unwavering Support Of President Obama



Minneapolis, Minn. – Al Franken and Mark Dayton are cashing in on their bonus points from President Obama today. Their loyalty to President Obama has paid off with a visit from his wife, Michelle Obama. President Obama can’t come, because he and his agenda are toxic, but he and his Democrat friends must be getting worried they will lose their most loyal allies Al Franken and Mark Dayton, so they’re sending his wife.

“Seems Al Franken scored so many bonus points by voting with President Obama 97 percent of the time, Obama is now rewarding him with a visit from First Lady, Michelle Obama,” said Keith Downey. “Mark Dayton and Al Franken’s cozy relationship with President Obama have garnered them rewards like this, but it can only mean one thing, President Obama is afraid of losing his closest allies.”


According to CQ Roll Call via Tom Dougherty, Al Franken votes with President Obama 97 percent of the time. “Fast forward to 2013, just five years later, and lo and behold, Sen. Franken has betrayed his own words by voting with President Obama a perfect 100% of the time. And in his five years in the US Senate, Franken has in fact voted with Obama more than 97% of the time.”
(Tom Dougherty, “There’s Nothing Funny About Al Franken’s Voting Record”, Practical Politicking, June 19, 2014)




#Obama #VA knew of patient delays in 2008, kept it secrret, #vets died.





Corrine Anderson ( nee Woods ) and I signed the contract and made our vows 53 years ago today in Ladysmith, Wisconsin....It's starting to look like it's going to work out O.K.

Veterans' Party of AmericaVeterans Party Of Minnesota‪#‎Minneapolis‬ ‪#‎Minnesota‬ ‪#‎Excelsior‬ ‪#‎Ladysmith‬






‪#‎Minnesota‬ has the largest population of ‪#‎Liberians‬ settled outside of Africa, with the center of the diaspora located in ‪#‎BrooklynCenter‬. These are good people and I am particularly concerned for them ( and the rest of us ) as the ‪#‎Ebola‬ epidemic in their country continues unabated. We have witnessed one Ebola death in Dallas, Texas of a Liberian retrning from a home country visit and we have a Sheriff's Deputy who visited the apartment of that traveler now under hospital observation and others who had exposure to the gentleman are in quarantine.

Air traffic between our airport and Liberia is much higher, I expect, than in Dallas because of the sheer number of Liberians who live here. Family ties are close and there has been a lot of exchange travel just for visiting but in recent months a surge of people trying to help relatives escape the currently sick environment of their home country.

It seems that Dallas could have been better prepared. It leads me to wonder how well prepared our state is, so I am here and now asking what ‪#‎MarkDayton‬ might be doing, along with the Minnesota Department of Health and the Airports Commission to make sure we are ready for any possible negative result from the level of cross traffic we have between Minnesota and Liberia. What precautions are in place and what are we doing to train our first responders and hospitals if we run into difficulty? Are the hospitals equipped? Have we enough HazMat suits? How are we coo-ordinating with the Transportation Safety Administration? Certainly this is something which should be discussed among the candidates for governor....I'm surprised ‪#‎JeffJohnson‬ and ‪#‎HannahNicollet‬ weren't alert enough to ask what our preparedness level was in the two recent debates. Maybe they'll ask now. I hope so. In the meantime, my best wishes and concerns go to all our Minnesota Liberians and their families and relatives in Africa. I hope we all can work together to minimize the risks and damages of any of these problematic transmittable diseases.




by Merrill Anderson

Dayton and Franken are avoiding debates since they have no defense for their blind obeiscance to the Obama administrations effort to weaken the constitution and the republic while forcing socialist doctrine on an unwilling public. Failures in statecraft, ObamaCare, Veteran services, energy policy, managment of the internet, and a continued snail like economic recovery are hard to explain and all directly impact the people of ‪#‎Minnesota‬. The administration claims there is no, or very little inflation, while we see gasoline and electricity prices and food prices ( especially staples like beef, bacon, hamburger ) at the highest levels ever. We are told that the job market has improved, while the labor participation rate is close to what it was in the great depression. Our infrastructure, especially municipal gas and water transmission lines and rural roads and bridges are aging and in urgent need of upgrade. The great majority of Americans want secure borders and orderly immigration. We get confusion and chaos instead. A ggod Governor and a good Senator would stand up and speak out, political stripes be damned! They should represent Minnesotans, not be working as Obama acolytes to protect a failing political machine while on our payroll. 


PRESS RELEASE:      August 20, 2014




With continuing endorsement from the Veterans Party of America and the Veterans Party of Minnesota, Merrill Anderson and his team are forging toward the general election Novembeer 4th as a write in campaign.

The write in effort is purposed toward bringing greater public attention to important local and national issues bearing on Minnesota families along with Veterans concerns which they feel were not well covered and debated in the short primary period and with the scant media coverage afforded. 

Other candidates in the Primary have thrown their support to the Republican endorsed candidate. 

Afocused on and more willing to adequately address the issues which he will bring forwards he continues his independent campaign, candidate Anderson feels it important to bring a more populist view to the contest in hopes that any winner in November will be more .





Mark Anderson, Lt. Governor, crafts our first campaign video, we get good reviews.

By Mark Anderson
1:04 Added about a month ago




Merrill Anderson caandidate for Governor of Minnesota and former Community Relations Director for Naegele Outdoor HAD to have some billboards and posters.

Good decision, Campaign getting great feedback.  This is the sign.....


Star Tribune Voter's Guide: Submission confirmation



You have submitted the following information. Please print this page for your records.


Candidate Id:
First name: Merrill
Middle name:
Last name: Anderson
Address: 24800 Wiltsey Lane
City: Excelsior
State: MN
Zip: 55331
City of residence: Excelsior
Party: Republican
Incumbent: No
Date of Birth
Sex: Male
Race: White
Evening Phone: (952) 474-7799
Daytime Phone: (952) 474-7799
Fax: (474-7799952) 
Campaign Official:
Campaign Official's Title:
Official's Phone:



1 Veterans Party of America

2 Veterans Party of Minnesota  



Management Systems Analyst, Business Owner ( retired ), Public Relations, Legislative Liaison, NGO Social Service Agency Founder and Director ( REACHOUT, INC. ), Pro Bono Community Development Organizer and Fundraiser for various civic groups and neighborhood associations. Military Veteran, Army Security Agency. Top Security Clearances
Essay In campaign season, media have been trumpeting accomplishments of the political establishment. ( Less than 5% unemployment, adjusted property taxds, budget surplus. ) I'd like to rip away the Public Relations Curtain so we could identify roadblocks and facilitate dialogue between John Q. Public, Business and Government toward public-private partnerships ready to do real problem solving. One key issue: Structural nemployment...on the Iron Range, in the Urban our Lumbering and Recreational Industries....Two,Educaion Gap: Inner City Schools vs rest of the state...Three, Business Climate: Loss of 50 major employers last decade. Unacceptable.
Submitted at: 07/18/2014 06:15 AM

Photo Status Received
Photo File name Governor - Daily Pic.jpg
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Meet Excelsior’s candidate for governor

From left: Corrine Anderson, Merrill Anderson and Becky Kilbury. (Sun Sailor staff photo by Stephanie Gonyou)




Preparing his campaign for Minnesota governor this year hasn’t left Merrill Anderson much free time to enjoy his retirement, but now he’s giving his neighbors who don’t already know him a chance to see what makes him tick.

Aside from “being crazy enough at seven and a half decades to think I can go with no money up against multi-million dollar machines” this election year, Merrill, 77, has many more defining qualities.

His educational and professional background lies in public service. With degrees in criminal justice and nonprofit management, Anderson was a Mandarin interpreter in the U.S. Army in his younger years as well as a member of the Army Security Agency.

He and his wife, Corrine Anderson, later cofounded a nonprofit in Minneapolis, REACHOUT INC., that helped offenders who were released from institutions readjust to daily life. That nonprofit functioned for 33 years 1971-2004.

“We did a lot of street counseling and walk-in counseling,” Merrill said. “We’ve always been helping people.”

Merrill met Corrine in his youth, saying there were three geographic areas they visited that he still remembers to this day: the drive-in theater, the pizza shack and the White Castle.

Corrine grew up in Lady Smith, Wis., and Merrill was born and raised in Minneapolis.

“It was probably two dates before we knew we were going to be together forever,” Corrine said.

The Andersons moved to Excelsior together in 1987 where they raised their three children, Becky, Debbie and Mark.

Becky Kilbury, Merrill’s youngest child, grew up in Excelsior, moved away, and recently found herself coming home to be closer to her family after a personal loss. Kilbury said she loves being near her family again and enjoys the time she gets to spend with her dad.

“He’s very loyal and reliable – just a great dad,” Kilbury said.

But her relationship with her father isn’t one all families share.

“Our relationship isn’t like that of a normal father and daughter,” Merrill said. “I’m carrying her kidney now.”

A major factor in Merrill’s retirement in 2004 was growing health concerns beginning with open-heart surgery in 2004. Only a year later, Merrill suffered from kidney failure, which ultimately led to dialysis and a kidney transplant in 2009.

Reflecting on the five successful years he has lived with his daughter’s kidney, Merrill said, “She gave me a good one.”

But as fate would have it, soon after his transplant the doctors discovered he also had throat cancer and he began chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

With all the health issues Merrill has faced in the last decade, he said he feels great now and hopes to be able to give back to the community, which is his motivation to run for office.

When asked what the kidney transplant experience was like for her, Kilbury said she would do it again in a heartbeat.

“It really opened my eyes to how important kidney donation is,” Kilbury said. “I would encourage other people to do it … I was tired for a couple months but definitely because it was my dad I wanted to do it.”

Corrine has been by Merrill’s side since the beginning, and she said their hardship has only brought them closer.

“We’re all fighters,” Corrine said.

Hobbies are hard to come across for this self-proclaimed “Excelsiorite” due to his campaign, but he said he enjoys fishing and reading. He also said he bought an old “rust bucket” truck a couple years ago and spent the winter repairing it.

One could say another hobby of Merrill’s is spending time with family, something he said he does whenever he can.

In fact, Merrill is close enough with his son that Mark is running for lieutenant governor on the combined family ticket.

Mark lives in Andover, and Merrill’s other daughter, Debbie, lives in Coon Rapids. Even though they all live relatively close, he said they unfortunately didn’t spend the 4th of July together, but they have high hopes for the next major holiday.

But what drew the Andersons to Excelsior in the first place? Corrine and Merrill said they both adore Excelsior and the unique lake community that it is.

Corrine said her favorite thing about Excelsior is that it reminds her of where she grew up and Merrill enjoys the hometown feel to the city.

“It’s kind of the quintessential Minnesota,” Merrill said. “If you want to be extroverted with people, people are willing to talk … if you want to be reserved, people will let you alone. You can lay back and be yourself.”

Looking forward to the primary election Aug. 12, Merrill said he hopes to be able to make a difference for veterans like himself.

Merrill feels strongly about veteran’s rights and said he is less than amused with the “scandals” surrounding the Veterans Administration recently.

Outside of time spent reading and visiting with his three children and four grandchildren, Merrill can be found down by Lake Minnetonka enjoying a hot dog and chocolate malt


There are FIVE legal duly registered candidates in the Republican Primary, Since all lthe major media in our state have repeatedly indicated there are only four, one could presume that some media kingmakers are acting on the presumption that they have the right to block my campaign from public view. I am not resentful, but I think the voters will believe this to be in the realm of unfair campaign practices and political dirty tricks. I am surprised the Pioneer Press is one of the offenders. Before I reach in my bag of ( legal ) there anything you wish to do to remedy the inaccurate statements and unequal coverage?

Merrill Anderson for Minnesota

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New Poll results:Merrill Andeerson vs Dayton just 1% off Republican Party endorsee numbers. #Minnesota #PJNET @VetsPA
POLITICO's polling center includes the latest political poll results and approval ratings.Polls on 2014 and 2016 elections, House, Senate and Governor races by state and key issues.




We are now at crunch time, with the primary next week, August 12th, and we need your help. We will be asking each one of our friends to spend a little time at their keyboards, LIKING, SHARING and TWEETING our message each day to their frie...nds. Our small budget campaign has kept up with competiors who are speding millions because of your loyalty and we are truly grateful. This is today's message....send it everywhere you can think of, add your own recommendation, if you like, and keep sending till we bring you the next one. ..Thanks! See More


Don't vote for the Usual Suspects! You want Merrill Anderson for Governor of Minnesota and Mark Anderson for Lieutenant Governor!. We are a Father - Son team of military #Veterans who know how to get things done! Look for us in the #Republican column in the August 12th #Minnesota primary election. — Picture by Stuart Wayne.



22,512 people reached


Nadia Oparista says:  Хочете чесного губернатора для Міннесоти, який справді всім серцем вболіває за громадські інтереси? Голосуйте за Меррілла Андерсона, людину, котру я особисто знаю 20 років. Меррілл спроможний змінити життя Міннесоти і зробити штат процвітаючим. Запорука цьому його досвід у створенні сотень робочих місць і малих бізнесів в нашому місті і околицях. Знаю це з особистого досвіду - він допоміг мені розпочати мій бізнес і відкрити Бюро перекладів Accu Транс, Inc в 1994 році, який став найбільшим досягненням в моїй кар'єрі в Америці! Якщо ви віддасте свій голос за Містера Андерсона - ви не розчаруєтесь і не пошкодуєте про свій вибір!
Want an honest Governor for Minnesota, who really wholeheartedly supports the public interest? Vote for Merrìll Anderson, a man whom I personally know for 20 years. I firmly believe that Merrill is able to change the lives of Minnesotans and to make the State of Minnesota prosperous. Key to this is his experience in creating of hundreds of jobs and small businesses in our city and the surrounding area. I know this from my personal experience - he helped me to start up my translation services agency Accu Trans, Inc. back in 1994 which turned out to be my biggest success! If you surrender your voice for Mr. Anderson - you won't be disappointed not and you will not regret your choice!

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Posted in Army Security Agency Political Comment Group

Wayne Humphrey 9:56am Jul 15
Two Americas

The Democrats are right, there are two Americas . The America that works, and the America that doesn’t. The America that contributes, and the America that doesn’t. It’s not the haves and the have not's, it’s the dos and the don'ts. Some people do their duty as Americans, obey the law, support themselves, contribute to society, and others don't. That’s the divide in America .

It’s not about income inequality, it’s about civic irresponsibility.
It’s about a political party that preaches hatred, greed and victimization in order to win elective office. It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its country.

That’s not invective, that’s truth, and it’s about time someone said it.

The politics of envy was on proud display a couple weeks ago when President Obama pledged the rest of his term to fighting “income inequality.” He noted that some people make more than other people, that some people have higher incomes than others, and he say that’s not just. That is the rationale of thievery.

The other guy has it, you want it, Obama will take it for you. Vote Democrat. That is the philosophy that produced Detroit ..

It is the electoral philosophy that is destroying America . It conceals a fundamental deviation from American values and common sense because it ends up not benefiting the people who support it, but a betrayal.

The Democrats have not empowered their followers, they have enslaved them in a culture of dependence and entitlement, of victim-hood and anger instead of ability and hope. The president’ premise –that you reduce income inequality by debasing the successful –seeks to deny the successful the consequences of their choices and spare the unsuccessful the consequences of their choices. Because, by and large, income variations in society, is a result of different choices, leading to different consequences. Those who choose wisely and responsibility have a far greater likelihood of success, while those who choose foolishly and irresponsibly have a far greater likelihood of failure. Success and failure usually manifest themselves in personal and family income. You choose to drop out of high school or to skip college – and you are apt to have a different outcome than someone who gets a diploma and pushes on with purposeful education. You have your children out of wedlock and life is apt to take one course; you have them within a marriage and life is apt to take another course. Most often in life our destination is determined by the course we take.

My doctor, for example, makes far more than I do. There is significant income inequality between us. Our lives have had an inequality of outcome, but, our lives also have had an in equality of effort. While my doctor went to college and then devoted his young adulthood to medical school and residency, I got a job in a restaurant. He made a choice, I made a choice, and our choices led us to different outcomes. His outcome pays a lot better than mine. Does that mean he cheated and Barack Obama needs to take away his wealth? No, it means we are both free men in a free society where free choices lead to different outcomes.

It is not inequality Barack Obama intends to take away, it is freedom. The freedom to succeed, and the freedom to fail. There is no true option for success if there is no true option for failure. The pursuit of happiness means a whole lot less when you face the punitive hand of government if your pursuit brings you more happiness than the other guy. Even if the other guy sat on his arse and did nothing. Even if the other guy made a lifetime’s worth of asinine and short sighted decisions.

Barack Obama and the Democrats preach equality of outcome as a right, while completely ignoring inequality of effort.

The simple Law of the Harvest – as ye sow, so shall ye reap – is sometimes applied as, “The harder you work, the more you get."

Obama would turn that upside down. Those who achieve are to be punished as enemies of society and those who fail are to be rewarded as wards of society. Entitlement will replace effort as the key to upward mobility in American society if Barack Obama gets his way. He seeks a lowest common denominator society in which the government besieges the successful and productive to foster equality through mediocrity. He and his party speak of two Americas , and their grip on power is based on using the votes of one to sap the productivity of the other. America is not divided by the differences in our outcomes, it is divided by the differences in our efforts.

It is a false philosophy to say one man’s success comes about unavoidably as the result of another man’s victimization.

What Obama offered was not a solution, but a separatism. He fomented division and strife, pitted one set of Americans against another for his own political benefit. That’s what socialists offer. Marxist class warfare wrapped up with a bow. Two Americas , coming closer each day to proving the truth to Lincoln ’s maxim that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it."

Lou Holtz

Leo "Lou" Holtz (born January 6, 1937) is a retired American football coach, and active sportscaster, author,
and motivational speaker.





















































Today we are interviewing my personal favorite for Governor of Minnesota, candidate Merrill Anderson.
In a reversal of those who largely keep family out of the ...political spotlight Merrill Andeerson is running for office with his son as his Lieutenant Governor running mate , and is very direct about why this makes a good team for Minnesota. He is more than candid about what it means to be a father, grandfather and husband to a woman he greatly respects and admires.
In recent interviews, speeches and internet question and answer sessions, Merrill Anderson has spoken about both the fun and the frustration, and the sheer amazement and joy that come with guiding children and grandchildren toward become the kind of people who are productive and happy. One of those progeny is in the midst of a political campaign with his 77 year old Dad.
Cordopolitan: Tell us about why you decided to pick your son as a running mate.
Merrill Anderson: “I am very pleased to have my son, Mark Anderson, toward becoming my running mate. I couldn't ask for a better Lieutenant Governor. He has good analytic and critical thinking skills and a couple decades experience as a Sheriff’s Deputy, Administrator and Team Leader in the Hennepin County Jail ( Minnesota’s most populous county ) have sharpened his ability to work in crisis mode and make good decisions in real time situations. His training at Fort McLellan, Alabama and graduation from the Military Police school there and his years working his specialty in Germany at top security locations plus follow on activity with the federal police here in the Twin Cities gave him a good basis for his longer career ( now retired ) with the Sheriff's office. His query to our supporters for input on problems you think should be addressed should we be elected is just a hint of his personal style and leadership quality. He knows how to get honest input and build a strong team effort... I guess you can tell how proud I am. This is by far a bigger deal for me than when he caught his first fish with the old man...though that day remains crystal clear in my memory even now, some 46 years later.

Cordopolitan: What is one of the most important issues on your plate?
Merrill Anderson: Individual freedoms and rights as guaranteed to every Ameriican in the Constitution are the wellspring of strength and opportunity on which America was founded. Recently concepts of privacy and religious liberty shared by a majority of our citizens have been tested by a variety of well-known events and as Governor I would use such powers and such public exposures as are available to that office toward restoration of these rights and principles.
I believe freedom to seek truth, form beliefs and live according to the dictates of conscience is fundamental to our humanity and helps us make sense of the world.

Cordopolitan: Immigration, Where do you Stand?
Merrill Anderson: “In terms of money, position, and influence, there are some big guns ( name some billionaires ), who favor completely open borders....and their sales pitch is beguiling to those who cannot read between the lines, particularly when you see both major parties are being paid in favors or donations to acquiesce to some form of amnesty when reasonable and secure border controls and rational limits on immigration so as not to overburden our welfare, offices, health services, school systems and labor markets make much more sense to Minnesota voters.

Cordopolitan: If we're sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it's been for you as Governor, what did you do?

Merrill Anderson: “With one of the best labor forces in the nation......and our higher college entrance exams, a surplus of college grads....we should be gaining businesses and jobs....not seeing them leave.” as in the case of Medtronic moving its HQ to Ireland to avoid U.S. and Minnesota business impediments,. Providing a statewide environment that is worldwide competitive for the kinds of businesses that understand what a tremendous value there is to be found in Minnesota will be, first and foremost my JOB 1 when I rise up every morning and color every choice I make. Just one example would be to get rid of the Business 2 Business taxes imposed by Dayron's legislature....Let me make myself clear.

Let me make it strong. We want livable wage jobs and we want them starting in the first year. As Governor I hope to be celebrating exactly that, thousands of new jobs. My campaign slogan has been " Jobs and Justice ". I think we can have both.

What can people do to help you?
Merrill Anderson: Keep visiting our political blogs at ( and SHARE our stuff. Every time you do it increases our exposure....and our recognition as contenders is building throughout Minnesota. Thanks again for your support. Best Wishes to You All!





Father and son team of Military Veterans, Merrill Anderson for Governor, endorsed by Veterans' Party of America and Veterans Party Of Minnesota and Mark Anderson for Lieutenant #Governor officially filed today to compete in the Republican Party of Minnesota primary election. It is expected that Mark will also receive endorsement from the Veterans Party. Together they will make a powerful combination in favor of seeing not only to Veterans issues, but also will focus on faith, family, the economy and jobs. These men are immune to " special interests " and will put Minnesota community interests first. To quote Merrill Anderson: " When I say what I'll do....I'll do what I say. " See More


Filing for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Watch out Minnesota. The Andersons are coming. (4 photos)









Wayne Humphrey 10:00am Jul 22
Mary Wood is a West Point grad who attended the ceremony. Strong reaction.

West Point Class of 2014 May 30, 2014

The West Point graduating class of 2014 "spoke" volumes as their
commencement speaker, Barack Obama, used the speech NOT to laud them for their accomplishments and their sacrifice to serve in the U.S.Military, no, instead he chose to use that precious time to tell them how effective his foreign policy has been, how the military role in foreign policy going forward (paraphrasing) "ain't what it used to be" and is no longer a leading line of defense. At times he stumbled over the words on the teleprompter to the point of embarrassment but he didn't seem to be in the least bothered by it.

To top off his narcissistic ramblings in which he claimed successes in Syria and Ukraine for God's Sake and bragged about ending the war in Iraq (and as every cadet sitting there knew, his actions of pulling all troops on a date certain, handed Iraq right back to Al Qaeda linked terrorist groups as if the sacrifices our military made was of no consequence and stood for nothing).
Believe me, every one of those intelligent, well informed cadets knew the sacrifice this president flushed down the toilet and for what; political gain.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he then lectured the cadets that they must focus on the progressive social policy of GLOBAL WARMING! He told they must be prepared to help the government enforce the legislation. The looks on the cadets' faces said it all!!! I could read their minds. "Since when has ANY of our military been used to enforce social policy? How 'bout NEVER! And for good reason, Mr.president, that kind of use of the military only happens under DICTATORS, you ass. We studied long and hard to learn how to lead troops to defend our country from enemies both foreign and domestic,not enforce domestic and social policy at a president's whim!"

The cadets, as is the custom, were prompted to applaud at designated intervals throughout the speech. At first, the majority of the cadetsclapped on cue (out of respect for the office I would imagine) but there was no enthusiasm in it. Not even at the beginning. As the speech progressed, fewer and fewer cadets clapped. Many chose to stare at the ground. By the end there were only five or six clapping whenprompted. Did the president seem to notice the cadets' silent protest? Hell no! He was so enthralled by the sound of his own voice he stood there and beamed like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Here's the topper; as the president handed out the diplomas to the West Point cadets; each one very accomplished, intelligent and dedicated to serving their country, their Commander-in-Chief BOPPED AROUND on the stage CHEWING GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disrespectful? Yeah,I'd say. He is clueless six years in to his presidency. There again, the expressions on the cadets faces told it all.

Contrasts don't get much more stark than that.

Mary Wood
Semper Fi!





Minority Parties have to work harder than they should to overcome difficult petition requirements to get their candidates on the ballot. The major parties have not wanted the competition, or the different ideas projected by the minority to... be seen or heard in the political marketplace.....I'm following this years process with great interest and if I am elected #Governor, I will propose fairer, more inclusive legislation. Look for me in the #Republican primary. I'll be registered as a Republican candidate, running with the endorsement and support of the Veterans' Party of America and the Veterans Party Of Minnesota. Any additional endorsements from political parties who are currently denied status are welcome in our campaign.



Minnesota, a state thought friendly to outdoorspeople and whose citrizens are noted for self reliance nevertheless has the 12th most restrictive gun laws among the 50 states. Washington D....C. ( not a state, a government district ) is tighter than any state, at zero tolerance, with officialdom well guarded by heavily armed public and private Minnesta is unique in that its State Constitution did not codify firearms status, original writers perhaps assuming Second Amendment rights were naturally given. ( Born in Minneapolis in1937 I knew many people who kept weapons as I grew up and I don't remember any broad public antipathy toward guns until anti 2nd amendment organizers began to really beat the drums in the late 1960s. ) This article lists Arizona as the least restrictive state. Minnesota may want to take a hard look at compariative crime statistics in the cities and states which have more onerous controls before making things even more controlling here. It might even make sense to lighten up a bit. I am a strong supporter of the United States Constitution, which includes the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms. Our Constitutional Republic, not withstanding some bumps in the road ( the Civil War, the Civil Rights continuum ) has given the people of the United States more freedom, opportunity and security and a better lifestyle open to even the humblest among us than available in most of the rest of the world.. Under this system our government was set up to protect and to serve, not to indoctrinate and control...For a few decades we have been trending toward a top down centrally planned and controlled system and Americans are growing increasingly concerned and uncomfortable with government overgrowth.
See More





Future Governor OF Minnesota, Merrill Anderson,

A man who is 77 years young, who has been around long enough to understand a lot of what does not work, thus brings REAL innovation to the challenges of Minnesota.

Merrill Anderson is a ma...n who understands that business organizations today face unprecedented challenges. Across virtually every industry, managers are confronted with new conditions of rapid technological change, intense global competition, and growing demands for social responsibility as part of an ethical world community. As traditional sources of competitive advantage are being eroded by , “organized design” of governmental trade agreements and lack of enforcement or selective enforcement, creating imbalanced negotiation in many markets. One of the crucial factors in the survival and performance of the future Minnesota economy is the organizational design that the leadership’s vision has. The structure and processes that an organization has and how well those produce rewards for the public, more often than not depends on the experience and ability of the leadership. This is where a Man like Merrill Anderson with his demonstrated organizational performance is maximized to provide the creativity and strategy that fits the demands of the modern Minnesota environment. Adaptable and aware of what has not worked I believe he will bring an environmental change within the state if he is given a chance to effectively implement his strategy and his organizational design…

Some who do not understand the idea of a third party ask WHY? Then there are those who through political events and discoveries have discovered a new group cohesiveness, that no longer defines us by “Right or Left” e.g. pro-hunting Democrat, a pro-Hemp Republican… or better yet someone who is a centrist like Merrill Anderson. We Endorse him for Governor of Minnesota and recommend you give him a look and a like here Thanks )
See More



  • International relations, information, businesses solutions and interesting gossi...p, OR ¨¨All you need to know before you learn from your mistakes in Mexico.¨¨ Security, Travel, Tourism, Import/Export, business. See More
    Media/News/Publishing: 317 like this
    Merrill Anderson for Minnesota Thank you to Cordopolitan on line magazine and your editors for our first media endorsement as we move from planning to the action stages of our campaign for Governor of #Minnesota.. Your stated confidence in this old soldier is most welcome. I will do my best to live up to your expectations. Your readers can also find me at our campaign committee site: and my political blog Merrill Anderson for Minnesota. I will be running in the #Republican primary with the endorsements of the Veterans Party of America and the Veterans Party of Minnesota. . Our contact email is








 Let's break through the protective veil George Soros' MoveOn.Org and their fellow travelers. have drawn around Boko Haram and its inhuman activities for years.

While she was Secretary of State, in the face of a series of requests from our National Security and Defense sectors to classify Boko Haram as terrorist, the Obama - Hilary State Department refused that designation ( with the encouragement of a petition from Move On favorig the group ). Instead the group was cast as some kind of latter day Robin Hoods, reacting against poverty in those provinces they were fighting to control ( while ony coincedentally waging war against civilians, burning churches and killing Christians in a very publicly declared jihad toward imposition of Shariah law ). Our administration remonstrated against the Nigerian government using military force against Boko Harm, instead sending hundreds of millions of dollars in aid ( to fight poverty and combat AIDS ) pompously posturing that our financial tribute would somehow cure the poverty and thus take away the impetus toward violence. As often happens, our aid was not controlled and some leaked to the very people who were causing the problems.

Boko Harams activities accelerated unabated and when Hilary left the State Department thngs had gotten bad enough they were finally awarded their long delayed terrorist designation.

Our politically correct protection of radical Muslim terrorsts over time has gained us nothing except more terror as we embolden the very tactics we decry... Witness the kidnapping and " Islamization " of 200 ‪#‎Christian‬ schoolgirls. ( ‪#‎BrngBackOurGirls‬ ) and the continued atrocities even as the entire world reacts in horror as the Nigeran Christians call for help in their incredibly brilliant ‪#‎hashtag‬ campaign is finally, finally being heard.




Saturday, May 9, 2014

#Minnesota and all #America should stand with the Ethiopian community as they call out the government in #Ethiopia for the brutal attacks on and killing of student protesters. These callous acts along with the abuses outlined in the U.S. Department of State report of 2013 certainly require our #Congress to review our policies and delivery of aid and support to the current Ethiopian administration. We need to deliver a strong message. Silence in the face of oppression, especially when done by one of our supposed allies, is an endorsement of an unnacceptable mode of government....and an invitation for that virus to infect our own political system. Free people everywhere need to stand together.





Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This coming Saturday,  May 3rd, Merrill Anderson for Minnesota will be at the Taxpayers League of Minnesota Tax Cut Rally at the State Capitol and has put out a call for volunteers to work from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M., helping hand out literature....getting signatures to help get on the Minnesota ballot...and carrying  signs during the rally.  At the end of March this year Anderson was endorsed by the Veterans Party Of Minnesota and the Veterans' Party of America




Saturday, April 26, 2014

In the interest of coalition building, Governor candidate Merrill Anderson dropped by the Libertarian Convention today.  A point of interest is whether Libertarian candidates are allowed to benefit from cross endorsements from other parties.  Anderson was advised they are allowed, so he may be recmmending the Vets support one or more of the Libertarian candidates to help break the Democrat stranglehold on Minnesota.  Following is the observation he posted on the Libertarian Facebook page....

Enjoyed visiting the Libertarian Convention in Maple Grove today....Good to see people truly concerned and activated toward restoring freedoms as delineated and protected by the U.S. Constitution. ( Freedoms which are much abused by the pols in office currently. ) I have been watching the recent rapid growth of the Libertarian and other Minnesota minority parties as it is a reliable barometer of the mood of the electorate, their dissatisfaction with business as usual. I was told by one of the delegates tthat Libertarian membership in Minnesota is about triple that of last year. Congratulations for that & congratulations on your new slate of candidates. ( If you lose another Gubanatorial candidate....remember, I'm out here looking for more endorsements.)

Your ( old ) ffriend, Merrill Anderson for Minnesota


The Intolerance Wars....... via The Foundry

Kim Holmes

April 19, 2011  11 AM



Every day, it seems, someone tries to silence someone else in the name of some higher cause. The forced resignation of Brendan Eich as CEO of the popular Web browser Mozilla Firefox is only the tip of the iceberg.

This goes beyond the familiar tit for tat of the culture wars. We are witnessing nothing less than a major shift in America’s political culture. Ideological opponents are no longer just wrong; they have no right to be heard. People who disagree with you are not just misguided; they have no right to make a living. In extreme cases, they deserve incarceration.

This is far worse than intolerance. It turns American liberalism on its head to become its opposite: illiberalism.

Illiberalism has a long history, infecting both the right and the left, from the Ku Klux Klan to the SDS. But today it is taking over a movement that once claimed to be its bitter enemy: American liberalism. People who call themselves liberals may think of themselves as open-minded moderates, but some of them increasingly champion the use of coercive methods, either by government muscle or public shaming, to shut down debate and deprive certain people of their constitutional rights.

Look at the popular culture. In academia, the media and Hollywood, it’s now acceptable (and even cool) to suppress dissent. Speech codes, “trigger warnings” and preventing people such as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice from speaking on campuses are by now old hat. But when media treat seriously actor Sean Penn’s suggestion that Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, be thrown into a mental institution, alarm bells should be ringing. Once-venerated liberal notions of free speech, pluralism and openness have been thrown out the window.

It’s happening in government too. The federal government stands accused of investigating political opponents and using its judicial powers to harass the press. The Obama administration routinely refuses to enforce laws it disagrees with and implements, by executive order, policies that were explicitly rejected by Congress. The courts throw out laws and referendums based on, at best, selective interpretations of the Constitution. Apparently America’s venerable checks-and-balances system, once a safeguard of its democratic liberal order, is now considered a roadblock to agendas rather than a protector of freedom. What is worse, some people apparently are more equal than others before the law.

Why is this happening? The rise of illiberalism in America represents the triumph of a countercultural liberalism that set out decades ago to overturn traditional progressivism.

It is often assumed that today’s liberals are the heirs of American progressivism. In reality, they are the sons and daughters of the new left of the 1960s, which set out to transform American progressivism. Hillary Rodham Clinton and John F. Kerry have much more in common with Betty Friedan and Tom Hayden than Woodrow Wilson or Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Progressivism always believed in big government, but up until the 1960s, it had an abiding respect for Holmes’ idea of free speech and Thomas Jefferson’s (and John Stuart Mill’s) veneration of individual conscience. No more. Those in power now regard dissent as a dirty word, a mere shield behind which bigots and haters supposedly lurk.

The illiberal temptation has long been part of the Western liberal tradition. From the French Revolution onward, the notion of creating absolute equality via coercion has attracted followers. But in America, that impulse was tempered by Holmes’ respect for freedom of speech and Jefferson’s belief in the sanctity of individual conscience.

That respect and that belief were the higher cause of American liberalism, not some agenda that assumes history ends when opponents are silenced or jailed.

Originally published in The Washington Times.


 2 new Parties in #politics, #VeteransPartyofAmerica ( Fasted Growing in the Country ) & After Party @VetsPA


 #PJNET...The #BureauofLandManagement going into a #Nevada County, seizing and killing the Bundy Ranch cattle to protect the #DesertTortoise is the same logic #Putin and his minions used going into #Crimea to " protect " the #Russian speakers there. Why this Federal assult on State and County control of lands within a State boundary? Does the BLM have plans for this chank of Nevada beyond managing turtles? The Bundys and their way of life, shared with others in that county, has been part ot this geography for over 200 years...well before this federal managment and control was contrived. If the cattle have not managed to stamp out the Desert Tortoise in over two centuries, I suspectthere may be no genuine clear and present danger to the turtles...but I believe the Bundys and their neighbors are in serious jeapordy. I think the Bundys, others like them, their history and their way of life....are also precious and perhaps even more worthy of preservation. 



                              I AM HONORED, HUMBLED AND GRATEFUL

                                                     TO  BE

                                           THE FIRST ENDORSED

                                      CANDIDATE  FOR  GOVERNOR

                                                     OF THE

                                    VETERANS  PARTY  OF  AMERICA

                                                    AND THE

                                 VETERANS  PARTY  OF  MINNESOTA


                  Merrill Anderson,  Excelsior, Minnesota     March 31st, 2014





Have been following the trucker protest with great interest. My uncle, John Moe ( deceased ) was owner/operater of Moe Transfer Company out of Minneapolis. I was a reserve driver for him while in school. I am very familiar with what it takes to keep a trucking business rolling and profitable. It is clear to me government policies and resultant high fuel prices have made it difficult for the industry, in particular the independents. Bless all of you for exercising your rights to free association, free assembly and free speech, strengthening and protecting the Constitution by your very actions.
Take Care... my best to you all.....

Merrill Anderson, Candidate for Mayor, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Merrill Anderson for Mayor of Minneapolis shared a link.



Damn right! And they DID build it..with their hearts, spirit,,blood.and treasure.. NOV. 5th! 


In mid October some of the many OTR truckers who live, work or drive through Minneapolis will be participating in convoys to Washington to express their concern for the Constitution and to fight high fuel prices. The media is treating this as they did the Million Biker ride, with non coverage. We thought we would help our brothers out a bit by giving what little coverage we can here. This is one one " patriots " site....which are covering this because the big media has not.



 Our ( to this point ) zero budget campaign is working well in creating just the internet buzz we need to garner voter interest equal to that generated by the big money guys some of whom are spending up to a half million dollars....A big THANK YOU to supporters, friends and family for your dedicated interest and keyboard busy fingers! via @wordpressdotcom









Last week Mayor Candidate Merrill Anderson attended his 3rd Mayoral Council Meeting.  The meeting covered, as probably it's most important item, the high number of foreclosures Minneapolis homeowners are facing and the several Mayorol candidates attending approved resolutions to ask the Minneapolis City Attorney and Council to act on a foreclosure moratorium while other means, including eminent domain are investigated as tools to keep owners in their homes.  Jaymie Kelly, one of the candidates, is currently fighting a forecloure on her home of 30 years.

All the candidates in attendance are pleased that each week they are gaining more and more media attention, which was mulltiplied at this meeting as Jeffrey Wagner joined the group to add support and answer questions from the media in re his popular viral lake side video.. 



The Star Tribune was there to cover the meeting and Merrill  Anderson had an opportunity to share his ideas in a video interview with reporter Steven Brandt which we anticipate will be on the Star Tribune's website in the near future.

After the Mayorol Council Meeting adjourned a fellow candidate, Dan Cohen, who was invited to the Mayor Debate at the Minneapolis Club suggested that Merrill come along.  Although not planned Merrill intently watched the debate and then as it was winding down approached the front hoping for an opportunity to speak. 

Here is an excerpt from the story as covered by the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

As eight candidates jockeyed to be heard before the wealthy country club audience, Wurzer asked the big question: is ranked choice voting, in which there is no primary to winnow down the field, the best way to pick a winner?

Pushing past the moderator’s reluctance, Cohen said he would yield his time to friend and fellow candidate Merill Anderson, who was not invited to participate in the forum.

“Actually, you know what –” Wurzer started to say.

“Yes we are, yes are,” Cohen insisted.

Anderson jumped up from the audience and began an earnest speech about all the other candidates – 27 others filed to run – “that have no voice here tonight.”

“I can tell you from my experience and my involvement with them that they have some really good ideas for the city,” said Anderson, who is running under a “Jobs and Justice” slogan and listed an Excelsior address on his filing form. “There are a couple of them that exceed the qualifications of some of those that are sitting up here on the dais. I think it’s really unfortunate that this session couldn’t have been more inclusive.”

The stage featured the most active, visible, and longtime campaigners -- a point not lost on Winton. He told Anderson that the contenders who were invited to speak had attended festivals and parades, answered questions on Facebook pages, made calls to raise money, and begun campaigning as far back as January.

For all the other candidates “yelling that they want their due, come on back to January and work your tails off,” he said.

Anderson left -- and the candidates spent the last minutes of the forum defending ranked choice.

“We want to be very careful when we start messing around with democracy,” said Andrew, though not without conceding that the system can be cumbersome and unpredictable

To see the entire story go to the link below:

The only part of the story that has been left out is that Merrill Anderson didn't leave after he was done speaking.  He returned to his seat near the back of the audience and respectfully watched the end of the debate.  After the debate, as Merrill was making his way back up to the front to shake the hand of the moderator, several people stopped him to shake his hand, including 2 of the candidates that participated in the debate.  He received several sincere "Thank you so much for coming"  "I really liked what you had to say". 


Fellow Candidate Dan Cohen with Merrill Anderson relaxing before the Debate at the Minneapolis Club.




After being forced to use every trick in the book to get major media attention for their agenda,  including wearing costumes signifying the piracy of taxpayer money,  and lakeside viral videos, the Minneapolis Mayoral Council....a Mayor candidate group which meets weekly to develop consensus on key issues.... finally saw reporters and cameras at their last meeting.   Unfortunately, the Star and Tribune focused on the fluff and not the real issues the candidates were dealing with. Purposefully or not, the major media continues to worship at the feet of the anointed political careerists in the Minneapolis Mayors race. While the article is written in apparent good humor it makes short mention of the important busomess befpre the Minneapolis Mayoral Council last Wednesday, and the actions taken by the group regarding the Vikings Stadium and the exceptionally high number of foreclosures in our city.  Here's  the Star Tribune's take on candidates other than the chosen few.....


Candidates note:  Am leasing space in the Augustana Seniors Residence for a month and a week to conform to all legal requirements for residence. Have been away for a bit to deal with health problems ( open heart, kidney transplant, stage IV cancer ) and have beat them all. Late start in the campaign to be sure I could physically compete and deliver four years of service. I feel good and the Docs are O.K. with it. Cam Winton talks about his January start on his campaign....after six years residence in Minneapolis....counted together I have 60 years living and working on the ground and blood in the streets. It seems a little frivolous for him to claim rank based on his " early start ".



























































































Wednesday, April 5, 2017 9:53 PM


Monday, August 8, 2016 12:00 AM



The signers of an Open Letter today.....criticizing ‪#‎Trump‬ are most likely drawn from a pool of the same National Security "experts" who teamed with ‪#‎Hillary‬ & ‪#‎Obama‬ to mess everything up

Trump has very effectively challenged Hillary's weaknesses....both in policy execution and maintaining state secrets.

The very recent execution of an Iranian nuclear scientist for consorting with the United States, who was " outed " in her insecure emails didn't make her look any better. Neither did all the 400 million dollar ‪#‎Iran‬ prisoner exchange ransom publicity. Nor the convincing Wikileaks revelations inferring she was involved in running guns and funds to ISIS.

Negative evidence was mounting up and the Hillary people had to create a diversion, so is it fair to assume a letter was drafted and passed around to be rubber stamped ...,,

......and Bingo... now we're supposed to be more worried about what Trump MIGHT do, rather than the harm Hillary HAS already done ( and would continue as President ).

The ‪#‎Globalists‬ are contriving some amazingly desperate moves, giving every appearance that they are scared to death their corrupt bubble will burst.

NEXT thing you know they'll be running a am ex CIA, Ivy League ex banker type as an independent for President to bleed off National Security votes from Trump. WHAT? A guy has already announced?

What a surprise.

Stay focused people, but keep your eyes moving and get the big picture. The truth, these days, is a moving target.....

Committee to Elect Merrill Anderson
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