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Merrill Anderson, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a retired Public Relations Professional, Management Systems Analyst, Social Service Manager and Community Activist who lives in a log house in Excelsior, Minnesota.

He is a Military Intelligence Veteran, having served as an Interpreter of Chinese Mandarin with the Army Security Agency.

He and his wife Corrine have been married 56 years, and their son and two daughters have gifted them with four grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Merrill calls himself a Conservative centrist.

He endorsed and supported President Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign and beyond.

He's running for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota as a Republican VS Amy Klobuchar and is a candidate in the Minnesota Primary Election coming up on August 14th.


 Introducing Merrill Anderson

If you’re frustrated with the activities of the Congressional delegation representing great state of Minnesota in Washington, D.C., you’re not alone.

Merrill Anderson is here not only to run for U.S. Senator for Minnesota, but he is here to run for you, to break the stranglehold of machine politics and career politicians who are seemingly unable or unwilling  to understand the needs of Middle Americans.

Born and raised right here in Minnesota, Merrill studied at both Minnehaha Academy and Washburn High School. After a brief time at Augsburg College, Merrill decided it was time to serve his country. A graduate in Chinese from the Army Language School and the United States Armed Forces Institute, and training in interrogation techniques from the National Security Agency,  Merrill went on to work in the Army Security Agency (later INSCOM) as a Mandarin interpreter assigned to Taiwan.  Merrill is a man of many hats, continuing to educate himself at Chinese Lutheran Seminary in Taiwan, Honeywell (in supply chain management(, the Alexander Hamilton Institute, Antioch Communiversity (in both criminal justice and non-profit management), and the Coldwell Banker Burnett Real Estate School. 

Merrill took his array of knowledge and applied it, working hard for first the ASA from 1956-1959, then moving on to Great Ideas Project in 1961. Working in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and both the Dakotas, Merrill trained, managed and provided field supervision in the marketing of copyrighted educational systems. 

In 1962, Merrill moved to the Honeywell Ordnance Division headquartered in Hopkins, Minnesota. There, as a facilitator in supply chain management (specifically armament manufacturing), and later as a policy and procedure developer for the engineering sector, Merrill focused on doing the best job he possibly could. The United States Government found Merrill so trustworthy, they granted him Secret Clearances to do his classified work at the ASA and at Honeywell. 

In 1965, Merrill founded Merrill Anderson & Associates, a public relations firm that served the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area for 39 years. The company specialized in community relations, non profit development and fundraising, as well as legislative liaison for corporate and community groups.  Pro bono work included co-founding Minneapolis' South Central Assembly of Neighborhoods and serving as Secretary to the Minneapolis Model Cities Citizen Committee.

Merrill didn’t stop there. In 1971, Merrill authored Reachout, Inc., a non-profit social service agency last headquartered at 5th and East Lake Street in Minneapolis. Merrill sdesigned Reachout to be a self-sufficient support system--operating without public funds--providing intervention services to individuals and families in crisis. Their headquarters housed a counseling center, a workshop and a thrift store that received public donations of clothing and goods (which was the sole source of support for the organization). Merrill’s enterprise  helped provide direct employment, crisis intervention, counseling, job training and placement, housing, as well as personal needs like clothing and furniture to thousands of individuals and families. As CEO, Merrill guided Reachout through nearly 33 years of operation. 

If Merrill’s service to our country, his business experience, and his unfailing work ethic haven’t convinced you yet, then listen to what Merrill has to say:



I believe that for the safety and security of our Citizen's Lives, Liberties and Property in Minnesota and across America we have to break the political machine stranglehold and challenge the control of our elected and appointed officials by self appointed “kingmakers”.   The trend among our burgeoning puppet like "political class" has been  toward an intertwining Globalism and Socialism, which is NOT what my constituents say they want..... 


A prime example is the #Soros-#Obama-#Hillary Cabal, which feels “entitled” to lead our country even after they lost power and who are attempting  to organize and support a revolutionary Communist style street “Resistance”  (#BLM, #BAMN, #Antifa, etc.) while   maintaining  a  “shadow government”  in collusion with national security agencies which have been  politicized and weaponized against our own citizens during  the last four Presidential administrations.....this accelerating sharply under Obama.... toward forwarding a Globalist rather than a national agenda favorable to “We, the People”.


Fed up with this nonsense, American citizens voted in a President,  #DonaldTrump,  who told them he would put America First, while upholding the Constitution and the Rule of Law.    I see him working hard to keep his promise.  I’d like to give him some help. 


Left leaning politicians try to convince us they have all the answers, but despite .billions of dollars poured into a multitude of Federal, State and Local initiatives.... and Obama's "transforming of America" with open borders, DACA and Obama Care we were seeing declining social values, crumbling infrastructure and upcoming generations confused about their identity and their role in moving America forward. We were seeing drug use peaking again, STDs reaching epidemic stages, core cities losing wage earning - tax paying population....and that education system (?by design?) dumbing down our young...not building self reliance and not equipping them to meet the challenges to come..
All the while, the Political Machines, like dragons eating their own tails, keep chewing up more and more money from the taxpayers...with the people who are in real need getting the leftovers, the dregs.  


I've been on scene long enough to have some sense of what works and what doesn't. I believe my varied life experience prepares me to help knit together complex and disparate elements which can coalesce to build and maintain Minnesota .........leveraging the Senate office to represent what Minnesotans REALLY think and supporting the kind of job growth key to Making America Great Again for all who wish to work..

If it tickles your funny bone at all to shake up the political kingmakers....and think a fresh Minnesota Congressional Delegation might be just the thing...then be one of my Volunteers...get on your computer and SHARE this site with every friend you can think of. .

Let's give the political pros and pundits something to chew on for the next few decades....and make some history!

....Vote for Me....When I say what I'll do...I'll do what I say!
To those already helping....Thank You and God Bless....




P.S.  After what I’ve just said, it’s obvious my campaign won’t get any big dollar support from the establishment.  This is very much a Citizen movement.  If you can chip in a few bucks, the sooner the would really help!  (link below)



P.P.S.  Here are some particulars you might find of interest:



Minnehaha Academy
Augsburg ( briefly )
Army Language School ( Chinese )
ASA/NSA ( Interrogation /Field Communications )
 Chinese Lutheran Seminary ( monitored )
 Honeywell ( Supply Chain Management) )
Alexander Hamilton Institute
Antioch Communiversity ( Criminal Justice & Non Profit Management )
Coldwell Banker Real Estate




Army Security Agency
Merrill Anderson Associates ( Management/Public Relations )



President & CEO

June 1971 – April 2004 (32 years 11 months)
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area
Founder, Developer and Director of Non Profit Social Service Agency headqurtered in 44,000 sq. ft. facility at 5th & East Lake Street in Minneaplis, operating from 1971 through 2004. The agency was set up to provide a self sufficient support system, operating without public funds while providing intervention services to individuals and families in crisis. The headquarters building housed counseling, workshop and retail areas...with a Thrift Store receiving public donations of clothing, goods and furniture acting as the economic engine....the sole source of support for the enterprise. Client loading involved approximately 3000 transactions annually...providing direct employment, crisis intervention, counseling, job training and placement, personal needs such as clothing and furniture, temporary housing...or some combination of these services.

President & CEO

April 1965 – April 2004 (39 years 1 month)
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Public Relations Consultant specializing in:
Community Relations - Community Development - Fundraising
Municipal, County, State and National Legislative Liaison, Election Campaigns

Under this umbrella also served as:

Executicve Vice President - Consumers, Counsel, Inc.
Community Relations Director - Naegele Outdoor Advertising
Public Relations Director - Minnesota Professional DriverTraining Association
President - Twin City Diving School
President & CEO - Reachout, Inc. ( Minneapolis Metro Social Service Agency )

Managment Systems Analyst

1962 – 1965 (3 years)
Hopkins, Minnesota
Facilitator in Supply Chain Managment - Armament Manufacturing, graduated to developing Policy and Procedure for the Engineering Sector of the Ordnance Division.
Secret Clearances required, precise job functions classified.

Assistant Divisional Manager

1961 – 1962 (1 year )
5 State Area, MN, WI, IA, NoDak, SoDak
Motivated, Trained, Managed and provided Field Supervision in Marketing of Copyrighted Educational System.

Interpreter, Chinese Mandarin

1956 – 1959 (3 years)
Monterey, California and Far East

in 2014 I was proud to be the first endorsed statewide candidate for the Veteran's Party of Minnesota and theVeterans' Party of America




Thursday, August 16, 2018 4:36 AM



@MNJeffJohnson , @MarkDayton, @CityMinneapolis:Does the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority have any standard by which they vet organizations contracting to use the Stadium? This video being circulated poses larger questions in re a cirremt contract.
Fifty thousand people - two-day event on the 21st and 22nd of August at our Minnesota Vikings US Bank…

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 9:09 PM



I endorsed #JeffJohnson in the 2014 Governor's race and did so again when he filed for this year.

Congratulations, Jeff Johnson,

We are glad for your win over Pawlenty....and we look forward to seeing you in the Governor's mansion.

Merrill Anderson for Senator, Minnesota

Thursday, August 9, 2018 9:13 PM


We reached out to all Minnesota candidates running for U.S Senate, Governor, ... Above is the video and below the answers Merrill Anderson provided.

Thursday, August 9, 2018 12:02 PM


In crowd sizes not seen in 20 years, #Farmers heard from #Minnesota Governor candidates at #FarmFest2018. #Tariffs were on the agenda, as well as feelings that farmers were under-represented by politicians in favor of urban constituencies.

Merrill Anderson for Senator, Minnesota, watching the #FarmFest debate on #WCCO TV, referenced his and his wife's families farming histories and indicated his office would be "farmer friendly", should he be chosen in the August 14th #Republican Primary and beat #AmyKlobuchar in November.

Farmers and Agribusiness tend to get overlooked by the political class, because their numbers, and their votes, are small compared to the general population. What the politicos forget, Anderson said, is that farming is the very foundation of the Minnesota #economy.

Anderson also restated his interest in re-invigorating the viability of the family farm as a workable business enterprise and opportunity for next generations.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 2:04 AM



by Merrill Anderson, Candidate for U.S. Senator, Minnesota


During the development of Black Lives Matter and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, I found it of interest that DeRay McKesson, a chief BLM strategist, was commuting between Minneapolis and Ferfuson...he caught my attention because of the sheer volume of his social media "tweeting".. suggesting to me he was getting help from Twitter and or Google directly....and had access to some heavyweight digital tools.....POSSIBLY in the Minneapolis Schools, where he worked.

If I'm elected Senator, I would emcpurage the Inspector General of the U.S. have a look at whether federal grant money, facilities equipment has been used to foment crimes against the people and their local, state and federal governments.. AND, whether this represents a general pattern, using the people's own money to change their form of government without representation.

I made a request to Democrat Rebecca Otto, the Minnesota State Auditor to investigate McKesson's divided interests while he was employed with the Minneapolis Schools, but she demurred, said I would have to investigate it and bring her the findings.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the resources to do that,  so the matter lies fallow.


Letter to a publication, June 22, 2015 at 8:03 pm 

A hint of how the population in Ferguson, Baltimore and other flash points have been brought to, and kept at the boiling point….accounting for the sharp statistical increases in property damages, personal injury and homicides….is to note and understand that we now have ” professional ” community organizers operating with motives that go far beyond the health and welfare of the targeted community.

One such organizer works out of Minneapolis….I wrote this to Judicial Watch in re his activity today…..


As an old political warhorse, I am familiar with the generation of patronage ” jobs ” within the bureaucracies to reward political activists and donors and to support political hacks of all stripes.

Good people in the City of Charleston have asked a Minneapolis based activist, DeRay McKesson to leave town, since McKesson is there to stoke racial division and unrest in his capacity as a ” Community Organizer ” and one of the key communicators and networkers associated with ” Black Lives Matter ” protests ( and riots ) countrywide. 

My concern is that he may be, directly or indirectly, supporting his organizing activities with taxpayer dollars using physical space, digital communication and travel facilities and resources available to him per his position as Director of Human Capital for the Minneapolis Public Schools….making his efforts to change and/or manage the political and social environments in varied communities something which is being funded by the taxpayers and voters without their knowledge or approval…against their will. 

Whether or not the use of public resources is involved, someone should be reigning in the organizing activity ( incitement to riot? ) of this hyper involved individual….his email and social media records would give the public ( and the concerned authorities ) a pretty clear trail of the death and destruction which has followed in the wake of the Ferguson fiasco and how the recurring patterns was set and reset in city after city.

I have ” twittered ” Minnesota State Auditor ” Rebecca Otto in re the Public School diversion of resources concern…but doubt that there will be follow through, because the same Democrat cabal which provides McKesson with his current employment also controls Ms. Otto.


To- #MNAuditor @RebeccaOtto: Has Director, Human Capital for #Mpls. Schools used public resources in this?…
5:22 AM – 22 Jun 2015.
Your interest would be appreciated. If you do begin researching this gentleman, I’m sure it will lead you in some very interesting directions.


Merrill Anderson

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