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The new politics in America, and particularly those of the current federal administration discourages participation by we more well worn citizens, in part, I think because we know the truths beyond the revisionist history they are serving up daily to justify a well orchestrated movement designed to move us from an open market society to a centrally planned and controlled economy. Socialism, Communism and/or Fascism all have historically been built on the destruction of workable systems in favor of top down decision making, cult worship of a single powerful leader and as his/her control develops, the ruling gang is always in fear of the slightest hint of citizen opposition and is more than willing to create and exercise the imposition of a federalized police force to maintain control over the hoi polloi. We old guys represent, in the eyes of certain societal planners, a financial burden on the nation. We draw down on the Social Security Trust Fund ( which we and our emplyers bought and paid for ), we are users of Medicare ( also bought and paid for ). We have expectations as to honesty and thrift in government and are likely to be found sounding off in town hall meetings about bad roads and infrastructure and other sstate and municipal services which seemed to work better in the past. Often, what we have to say makes sense to the following in that sense, we represent a pain in the butt for those who want top down control. And that's not the worst. As we grow older, we tend to grow more ( Watch out, here's the C word ) Conservative!I think Seniors have a lot to offer. If, by some miracle, I squeek through the Repblican primary and then beat Mark Dayton in the general election....I intend to mine the retirement registers for good people with proven track records at problem solving to work along with some disciplined military veterans we intend to recuit for our administrative team. ( I co-authored the Governor's Internship Program back in the 1970s, so you can be sure youth power will be there as well. )The term ageism, to me, signifies discrimination against any age bracket We want to be sure that all citizens are well represented and have full opportunity in their chosen communities and their chosen endeavors. The presumption that you cannot perform because you are too old, or too young, or the devaluation of anyone because of age is unacceptable.

Committee to Elect Merrill Anderson
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