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See where Merrill Anderson stands on immigration issues.



ICE serves at under the directives of the current sitting President.  It is as useful to border security as that President wants it to be. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is one of the federal agencies which was and is actually attempting to do its job according to the Rule of Law. Without secure borders, the IS no United States. ICE and all the enforcement personnel should be commended rather than criticized. We’ve seen more than enough of the Soros – Obama – Hillary cabal “Open Border” nonsense, which has been so costly to America….and to Minnesota.

Minnesota is a border state, with River International Airport which is the largest economic generator from here to the West Coast and the Twin Ports at Duluth and Superior. Our Exposure is not minimal and we should have as strong a concern how our security is being managed ( or not ) as do the Southern and seaboard states. I am for closely controlled borders for all the reasons indicated in the referenced link.. It is important to know who is entering the and why. Rather than implementing obvious protocols, we have instead done the reverse, purposely ignoring security and running an almost open borders system to serve partisan political purpose.  It's time to upgrade our security rather than degrade it to the advantage of our enemies.

 · Cordopolitan Online Magazine quotes Anderson's Response to the border crisis....

"I'm very interested in the health, welfare and security of every family in the U.S/ as are most Hispanic voters who also feel that strong border security and orderly ( not illegal ) immigration is good for America. U.S.Working poor, including 1st generation immigrants who have already become legal citizens, understand what we all do, that the influx from central America dilutes opportunities and income for middle class and lower income earners. I will work on these problems but don't want anyone to vote for me thinking I will give them a " free " ticket....."

We at Cordopolitan agree with Merrill Anderson and also feel (unlike many state and local government officials) that, "Americans should be hired to fill jobs like Teachers, Police, Doctors, Lawyers, truck drivers, and any State contract affiliated positions. Support Merrill Anderson in any way you can.  "

    As of the end of March, 2015,  ICE, pursuant Obama's specific directives,  had released almost 200,000 criminal aliens back onto our is a link to follow:




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