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Merrill wants every child and every family to have access to a solid, practical education that caters to each person’s individual talents and needs, as the only way to truly improve any facet of life in a community is a solid education.

Sadly, the children of Minnesota and the wider United States are suffering in a broken educational system. 

Some districts in the Minnesota school system have clusters of low performing students, and Merrill doesn’t want them to be forgotten. For instance, in Minneapolis, there are concentrations on the near north and near south sides of the city of students clearly in need who are not being well served in their schools.

Merrill strongly believes that this problem is systemic, a combination of burned-out educators assuming in advance that certain students will be low-performing, inadequate resources for students and teachers to use to foster good study habits, and a lack of practical courses and vocational training for those who want and need it.

Merrill wants to bring back hands-on courses like shop classes and to assist teachers in recognizing and helping low-performing students instead of shuffling them to the side. Merrill also advocates  the Minneapolis Mayor’s office having a two person team of representatives on the School Board to coordinate city and school district resources in favor of students and families. 

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