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UPDATE: Since first publishing the following question and ensuing conversation on March 29th ( it is now April 4th ) events have moved quickly. With investigative reporter Mike Cernovich and his expose' of #SusanRice, a bright window has opened into Obama's staff and their incredibly audacious, highly illegal political use of our national security and intelligence apparatus in the surveillance and " unmasking " of President Trump, his family and his political team.

The entire false #RussianNarrative has blown up, much to the chagrin of former President Obama and would be President Hillary Clinton and their loyalists.

Given the the seriousness of the crimes against the American people it is obvious some Democrat top dogs are going to end up in federal prison.

Can you hear the pounding of feet as they run for cover?

The answer to our original question appears to be a resounding YES.


After being surprised and spooked by #Trump's winning #ElectionResults it appears the entire #Soros / #Obama / #Hillary cartel was mobilized and working overtime to leverage a faux ( or hugely overblown ) #RussianNarrative.

Every major country, their diplomatic and espionage teams have historically had interplay in every aspect of domestic and foreign policy.

Some of this back and forth is illegal, but tolerated as part of a worldwide gaming for power and prestige.....

However, there are both overt and covert protocols as to what goes beyond the pale.....

History shows U.S. has reached Uncle Sam's long arm into foreign elections at least 81 times.

Foreign nations do work to influence American elections and actions of elected officials, often through American based international corporations and lobbying firms who can contribute cash to Political Action Committees. Arab, Chinese, European Union many other international regional and national entities " launder " their involvement this way. Then, of course there are cash receiving devices, a plethora of Non Governmental Organizations set up as international business or non profits....In example the
globalist Soros groups, the #ClintonFoundation, the #ClintonGlobalInitiative, the #PodestaGroup and the like.

( Iranian funds flowed through a Washington lobbying firm to forward the contentious #IranDeal pushed through by Barack Obama. #ALFranken, one of our #Minnesota Democrats was recipient of a portion of those funds and promoted the deal. )

#BarackObama's winning the Presidency in 2008 and again in 2012 was not without help from his Globalist alliances. One highly questioned action was Germany's Leftists arranging a speech for #Obama in #Berlin during his first campaign...with all the attendant investment in travel, security, site selection and related international publicity to establish him as a player on the world stage.

The Internationalists, Globalists, whatever you want to call them have felt invincible in recent years.

Trump's victory has knocked the Democrat ( and the Globalist ) world out of kilter.....and they are furious, looking for scapegoats.

In so doing, they themselves may have violated protocols and gotten tangled in FISA Act law which is not only designed to assist the U.S. in rooting out foreign espionage, but also contains strict provisions to protect private citizens.

Signs are that government agencies and resources were used to track and " wiretap " ( old term for electronic surveillance ) Trump and his team during the 2016 campaign and following the election....illegal in and of itself....and then " unmask " team members to the media....again illegal.

After the #FBI was refused access to the Democrat National Committee servers when they were hacked and all the dirty linen on the " fixing " of the Democrat Primary which killed #BernieSanders campaign was exposed , an IT firm called #CrowdStrike, said to be connected to #HillaryClinton was hired by the DNC to " find " the perpetrators....they claimed it was the Russians,,,,,and our #FBI officials bought that story, hook, line and sinker.

The CrowdStrike report was the key factor in setting up the current Congressional Committee hearings on Russian interference in American elections.

However, recent public reports and public statements and retractions by CrowdStrike have called into question their competence and the accuracy of their reports.

The saga continues, and to date the only criminal activity publicly obvious may be on the heads of the accusers.

If you want to pursue some background beyond this posted article, I've including some other readings of I think might be of interest in the comments following.

As this old man sees the bottom line.... IF a Commission is created to investigate beyond initial findings of the Intelligence Committee....I think its efforts and its conclusions would be worthless were the focus to be only on the Russians.

The scope of the Commission's work should b to ferret out and measure ANY untoward Global influence in our elections AND/OR on our elected representatives.....and, in the lead up to that, the Intelligence Committee's work NOW is really not credible unless obvious smoking guns like the massive flow of funds ( particularly Arab ) to and through the Clinton Foundation. the Podesta Group ( remember Uranium One, Hillary and #BillClinton's Russia connection ) and to and through the Soros NGOs.

Looking at just one election cycle is a pitifully weak review. Look back is important to establishing comparatives and precedent and the effectiveness of existing applicable law.

I would suggest at least a 30 year look back.

Incidental to looking at foreign influences, we need to also take a hard look at our own involvement in in other nations politics....whether, over time, the activities have helped or hindered our own citizens, how the " interventions " have affected our own development and security and how it helped or hindered the development and citizenry of any " target " country.

As far as meddling in the 2016 election is concerned, the preponderance of evidence seems to point up massive DOMESTIC, rather than the usual nominal foreign interference, with Obama's lame duck ( both elected and appointed ) administration loyalists using the full force and effect of our government intelligence, security and defense agencies to spy on, unmask and interfere with Donald Trump and his team....beginning their illicit efforts well before Trump's nomination and continuing well after the election and swearing in of a new President.....even to the present day.... as they obfuscate and attempt to confuse, misdirect, minimize and delay the truth and the consequences in the Intelligence Committee hearings.

Then, too, there is the ( not so small ) matter of similar action likely having been taken by Hillary Clinton, her cohorts and the Obama administration to derail #BernieSanders in the Democrat Primaries.

What a crew!

If any of this is proven true, the sheer weight of charges and penalties hanging over the perpetrators is mind boggling.

It's no wonder they are desperate and running scared.

Their cloak of " plausible deniability " is fast unraveling.

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